Trump Has Declared Opioid Crisis a ‘Public Health Emergency’ – Serenity Vista in Central America Offers a Comprehensive, Unique Healing Solution Addressing All Forms of Addiction

Chiriqui Province, Panama – Right now in the United States, 90 people are dying per day from opioid overdose. While this is newsworthy and dramatic, 240 people die daily from alcohol abuse and 1300 die from nicotine related causes. The problem is much larger than the current focus on opiates. Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat in Panama is making a difference for the much broader issue of addiction.

No matter how glamorous or picture-perfect a life may look on the outside, it is the inside that matters. Bumps and bruises along the journey are inevitable. Mistakes and failures are a major part of life, and are normal. These ‘setbacks’ are what continually drive humans forward. However, there are certain drastic situations that can interfere with daily life and help becomes necessary. Individuals may find themselves lost in the misuse of alcohol or any other drug. The team at Serenity Vista Rehab is ready to help. And with open arms and no judgment. People can easily visit their website and take a meaningful step to changing their lives for good.

Serenity Vista Rehab is a one-of-a-kind rehab center, because it is comprehensive in nature and nestled in beautiful, tropical Panama. This location was no random choice for the founders at Serenity Vista. They believe they found the perfect peaceful setting and beautiful natural habitat for recovering. The tranquility and serenity are therapeutic for those overcoming alcoholism and all other forms of drug addiction. Guests are in a sweet spot for finding themselves again. The rehab resort is extremely private and upscale. Guests are well-taken care with nurturing and empathy. It is usually a somewhat tumultuous process of self-rediscovery and recovery. Serenity Vista works with a maximum capacity of only 6 guests at a time. Because of the low number of people at a time, Serenity Vista ensures their guests get the most out of their treatment in Panama. All the while, the team is continually personalizing each guest’s program. Their focus is on treating the whole individual, not just the specific addiction.

One prominent factor in which Serenity Vista takes great pride is their affordability. Many luxury rehab centers are so expensive that they become elitist. This human-centric safe-space in Panama promotes recovery at an affordable price. Many addiction retreat programs in the US and Canada run upwards of 30-80 thousand dollars a month. However, this program matches those in quality and far surpasses them in financial accessibility. Private rooms are available at Serenity Vista, although they are more expensive than standard/shared accommodations. Regardless of the type of room, however, the recovery experience is highly personal. For a 3 month stay the cost is less than a single month at other similar treatment facilities. Recovery of this type, however, should not be solely for the rich and wealthy. Therefore, Serenity Vista offers affordable luxury.

Effective treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction is available. Panama has a consistent rating of having the happiest people on earth. Upscale treatment at an affordable price sounds like a dream come true for many individuals. However, the team of experts and therapists at Serenity Vista Rehab are making this a wonderful reality. Twelve-step philosophy, along with many other forms of professional, evidence-based therapy with a complement of holistic approaches are offered. This is because this unique combination has the power to redirect lives. Guests are given incredible opportunities to recreate their lives and life stories. Massage, yoga, nature therapy, artistic and musical expression are included. Healthy natural foods good fresh air and a great chocolate Labrador retriever dog make for a big difference for wellness. Addiction takes many forms, opioids, alcohol, nicotine or other drugs. The healing solution of Serenity Vista is person focused, not drug focused.

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