Legendary Boxer, Frank Bruno, Partners With Insignia In New Branding Agreement

ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM – 3 Nov, 2017 – Former WBC Heavyweight title winner, Frank Bruno, is known for his success in the ring. With 38 wins by knockout, there were few boxers more feared for their incredible strength and power. If Frank Bruno is willing to use a product then it’s inevitable that people will take notice. That’s why Insignia is proud to announce that they have signed Frank Bruno to be the face of their brand

Insignia is known for their top of the line showers. From massage showers to steam showers and more – Insignia is a popular choice for everyone from elite athletes like Frank Bruno to the average Joe who just wants to enjoy the best shower possible after a long day of work.

For Insignia managing director, Leon Maclean, a partnership with Frank Bruno made a lot of sense for their brand.

“Frank is well-respected and a man who we want representing our brand.”

Frank’s tough reputation in the ring is balanced with his calm, friendly demeanor outside of it. During the announcement of their partnership, Frank took time out of his busy schedule to take photos with people who saw him in the newly renovated Insignia showroom. That kind of outgoing attitude, in addition to his success and notoriety, is the reason Insignia was so excited to partner with Frank Bruno.

Marketing Manager, Jay Harby, immediately saw the excitement of the Frank Bruno partnership build among users online after photos were circulated on social media.

“The emails just went crazy! Retweets, shares, likes, comments… I’ve never seen so much activity in a short space of time.”

Of course, this partnership is beneficial for Frank Bruno, as well. Anyone who visits the Insignia showroom will be able to see Frank’s signature on the INS0509 display model – the same steam shower that he is now using in his own home.

Insignia is proud to have Frank Bruno as the face of their brand. In the coming months, people will be able to see the relationship grow as more activities and initiatives are planned for the partnership.


Insignia and Frank Bruno are both leaders in their respective fields. Frank Bruno is a former heavyweight boxing champion known for his unmatched power in the ring. Insignia is a respected leader in top of the line showers that can help people like Frank Bruno relax after a hard day of working, playing, and training. This 18 month partnership will have Frank Bruno become the face of Insignia and grow the brand’s awareness among consumers.

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