Automate & Grow Helps Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Transform Their Business and Disrupt their Industry

Author of Automate & Grow, Michael Devellano.
The founder of Cloud Advisory LLC and HonchoCRM, a highly sought-after Salesforce Consultant has just released his new book, Automate & Grow. The book comes with a “30 Day Challenge” for businesses to create their own “Automate and Grow Strategic Plan.” The first book launch party is scheduled for Nov 16, 2017, 6PM-8PM at the Long Beach, California WeWork location.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Los Angeles, CA – Respected and award-winning consultant Michael Devellano wants to illuminate the process of digital transformation for startup and SMB businesses. He has created a step by step guidebook Automate & Grow: A Blueprint for Startups, Small and Medium Businesses to Automate Marketing, Sales and Customer Support.

Automate and Grow is a manual that can help guide businesses to develop a strategy for growth and automation. Startups, and small to mid market businesses have more potential than ever before to grow their business thanks to innovations in digital technology.

The number of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that are available today to automate marketing, sales and customer support is significant. This is both a blessing and a challenge for those innovators and business owners who might lack an understanding of digital automation and integration.

The launch of Automate and Grow will be supported by a tour of WeWork locations across the U.S. and Canada along with other Meetup and book signing events.

Automate and Grow suggests that by using the right tools and technology (CRM, marketing automation, SaaS, mobile apps amongst others) along with the appropriate tactics described in the book, businesses can not only look big, but also scale big.

“As an Entrepreneur your number one task right now should be applying ideas that either automate or grow your business using digital technology.” states the author in Automate and Grow.

These digital tools provide entrepreneurs and their teams the freedom to focus on delivering the highest value to their customers because they aren’t wasting time with activities that can be automated. Instead, they are repurposing their time and ideas into activities that can actually grow the business.

“Now is the time to create disruptive products and processes in our industries. How we do that is by both applying a digital technology to our industry problem in a unique fashion and by freeing up our time by removing busy work and mundane tasks. This empowers our team to take the next steps in customer engagement and innovation.”

The book received early reviews by publications such as the Santa Fe Journal that described it as, “…a masterpiece and a real blueprint for young entrepreneurs to act upon.” The goal of the book is to inspire people to develop their own Automate and Grow Strategic Plan.

Readers who buy Automate and Grow through the website can receive as a bonus six (6) months of free access to HonchoCRM (a customer relationship management tool valued at $299), an Automate and Grow strategy template workbook, and a thirty (30) minute free Skype consultation with an Automate & Grow expert ($150 value).

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible for start-ups and entrepreneur lead businesses to compete,” says the author. “Anyone who is looking to reduce busy work and grow their business at the same time should come to one of the launch events in Los Angeles or New York.”

You can also buy the book to lock in these three valuable bonuses. “This will give entrepreneurs and business leaders a great foundation to get ready for the next digital revolution”, says Devellano. “That next wave includes digitally transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, block chain and 3-D printing. Any business can do it with the right team, technology and plan.”

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