Kataztrofee: Rising American Hip Hop Duo is Releasing New & Sensational Music For The Fans Worldwide

The Group is Moving From Texas to California & is Also Releasing a Music Video For Its New Single

Fort Worth, TX, USA – November 03, 2017 – Renowned Hip Hop Music Group from Fort Worth KATAZTROFEE has proudly announced that they have recently moved to California from Texas. With this major move, the group has also announced that they are releasing a mixtape called #FollowKATAZTROFEE on Spinrilla and SoundCloud. In addition to the mixtape, the group is also releasing their new single, #FIYD with a sensational video to entertain their fans worldwide.

“Our music is majorly inspired by the likes of Hip Hop moguls Diddy, Jay-Z, Master P, Russell Simmons, Dr. Dre, Nelly and 50 Cent.” said Eric ‘Victory’ Johnson, one half of the Kataztrofee in a recent interview, while talking about their inspiration in the world of music. “We are extremely grateful to our fans from around the world for their unconditional love and immense support over the years.” he added. The group is basically a Hip-Hop duo and both artists are well-recognized for their staple colorfully coordinated wardrobe, southern roots, and catchy beats.

In addition, fans also love the musical duo because of their clever lyrics, vibrant stage presence, and domineering swag. The pair known as Victory and Mr. Arrogant, where Eric Johnson is known as Victory and Shannon Speed is known as ‘Mr. Arrogant’. Both Eric and Shannon have been best friends since middle school and have continued to create great music since. According to many of their fans, the music created by this duo sends the listener to an emotional rollercoaster and each fan can relate this music to his or her own life. They cover everything from fashion, to daily life and even the tragedies both artists faced in their past. Shannon got shot while Eric lost his family due to a house fire when he was three and they have shared these personal experiences with the world beautifully with their music. According to industry experts, both artists are destined to become household names in the days to come in the American Hip Hop industry.

For more information, please visit: www.kataztrofeenation.com or listen to the duo on SoundCloud at: www.soundcloud.com/kataztrofee

The mixtape is available for download on Spinrilla

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kataztrofeenation

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kataztrofee

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Company Name: Trofee Styyle Records
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