Meet Chinese Heartthrob Kris Wu Who Released a New Single “Deserve”, Featuring Travis Scott

Last month, the Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu released his new English single, a smooth track featuring Travis Scott, and made impressive records. As a stepping stone towards US market, “Deserve” shot to No.1 on the U.S. iTunes chart and iTunes charts in other countries and areas after being released for just 2 hours, which is the best record on iTunes that Chinese singers have ever made. In the meantime, “July”, the first English single Kris Wu released last year in a low profile, hit No.1 again on iTunes Electronic Music chart. Earlier this year, “Juice”, a soundtrack from the Hollywood film xXx: Return of Xander Cage, also reached No.11 on iTunes R&B/Soul chart. Kicking off his career in South Korea, Kris Wu, the famous Chinese actor, singer and model, is making his way to become an international superstar.

Actually, earlier when Kris Wu was invited to the 59th Grammy Awards and interviewed by Billboard, he said that he got attracted by Hip-Hop music when he played basketball in Canada at the age of ten. He makes Hip-Hop music now is all because of his deep passion. Although Hip-Hop music is not the mainstream in China, he still persists in doing it. He is fully aware that America is the origin of Hip-Hop and has a big impact on the development of Hip-Hop music all around the world. Therefore, he always flies to Los Angeles to make music with some famous and top music producers, to name only a few, Foreverfresh, Verse Simmonds, Rook Monroe and Karl Rubin. Kris’ goal is to present the really international Hip-Hop music to everyone and to promote the development of Hip-Hop in China. He is one of the celebrity producers in a talent show called the Rap of China (similar to American Idol), which has gained mad success in China. It has brought underground Hip-Hop music to the light and Hip-Hop is madly popping right now in China. Kris said that he hopes all youth in China to be the one to share Hip-Hop music.

Kris Wu is also a great young actor. Since going solo in China in 2014, he has starred in many box office hits, including Mr. Six, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, collectively grossing over RMB 8 billion (USD 1.2 billion) in China. He is now the most influential 90s Chinese actor who has hit the highest box office.

Kris Wu, who is one of the most influential public figures among the young generation in China, made great achievements in the fashion industry because of his height (187 cm), handsome and sharp looking, fashion acumen, and his unique expression of trends. He is the first male celebrity on cover of “Vogue China” since its initial issue, and the first Asian male artist who made runway debut at Burberry fashion show. Then Burberry introduced special Kris Wu Edit, and chose him as its global ambassador, making him the first non-British as well as the first Asian to be the face of the brand. Moreover, Kris Wu is the brand ambassador of Bulgari, Beats by Dr. Dre and I.T. This year, he was also included in BoF 500 2017 list, becoming the first Asian to appear on the cover of BOF’s print editions-Next Generation.

“I’d like to be an NBA player if I were not an actor. This is my first dream,” said Kris Wu. He has always dreamed of becoming an NBA player since he joined the Junior NBA tournament. However, because of crazy schedule, Kris doesn’t have much time to play basketball now, yet he has played in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game as a Chinese celebrity for two consecutive years. And he leads his own charity program-Extraordinary Honor Basketball Court in China to help build basketball courts in remote and underdeveloped regions and encourage boys who love basketball to chase their dreams. “What I can do is to encourage teenagers and tell them how basketball can change one’s life.” Kris Wu said, “No matter whether they can become a professional player or not when they grow up, they can always learn the teamwork spirit from the game, which will be a lifelong blessing for them.”

November 6th is Kris Wu’s birthday. Let’s wish him a happy birthday and may all his dreams come true.

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