Miaustore Launches a Unique and Innovative Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

Miaustore recently launched their unique and innovative ceramic cat water fountain for one’s feline pets that is proven to increase a cat’s drinking habits and improve their health.

Miaustore UK is concerned with the health condition of domestic cats, especially their renowned underwhelming drinking habits. For this reason they have created a water fountain for pets. This product has so far received conclusive and convincing feedback showing clients and pets are happy with their product. Christopher as many other purchasers of the fountain have given the ceramic cat water fountain a five-star rating. He said, “The drinking fountain was taken by both cats after a few minutes. The processing is top, the pump is also hardly heard. In addition, the fountain is really easy to clean. Really the most beautiful one I have seen so far and also still affordable. 140% excited and satisfied with the purchase.” Rita, another satisfied Miaustore customer, was also impressed with the product. She said, “The fountain is very beautiful and fulfills its purpose excellently. I see my cats drink much more often.”    

Miaustore spent years researching into the causes and solutions as to why cats don’t always drink from still water bowls. Every element of the fountain from the design, style and material to even the 4 water pools have all been purposefully crafted and backed by scientific reasoning as solutions to the reasons for low water intake in cats. The said fountain is quiet and easy to refill and clean. The product comes with a safe pump and 12-volt cable, adjustable with 5 stages, with a maximum of four watts. The ceramic cat water fountain has a perfect design and is easy to assemble though the company has included video instructions to assist customers who have purchased the item.      

Miaustore is aware that a lot of cats’ health issues are related to dehydration. Based on research and studies, cats prefer to drink water from a brook or river because it’s cleaner as opposed to ponds and puddles. The Miaustore ceramic cat fountain imitates this flowing water and the design is sleek, modern, and stable. The motor pump is also quiet and will not cause any disturbance to the pet and the house members. Miaustore has given a three-month satisfaction guarantee to their customers. In case the pet is in any way dissatisfied with the drinking fountain, customers can return it for a full refund.   

Miaustore is located in the United Kingdom and across Europe. Miaustore can be reached by phone at (+44) 7827 49 02 85, by email at julian@miaustore.com, or from their website, https://miaustore.com/uk. Miaustore is determined to release more products that will further improve a cat’s lifestyle and ensure that pets will have a healthy life living with their owners.

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Company Name: Miaustore S.L.
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Email: julian@miaustore.com
Phone: (+44) 7827 49 02 85
Country: United Kingdom
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