New Innovative Portable Medical Therapy Device Now Available

Thera-glide Provides Portable Devices for Range of Motion Therapy

Thera-glide has just been made available to the public.  The innovative medical therapy device increases range of motion during exercise.  Thera-glides are the first and only patented portable devices for upper and lower body therapy. 

“We are excited to introduce that Thera-glide is now available,” stated Floyd Kaylor, co-inventor and co-founder of the Thera-glide.  “The device is excellent for use in therapy for range of motion and is the first of its kind to be fully patented.  Thera-glide is a great help for therapeutic exercise for wrist, ankle, foot, elbow and shoulder issues.  It has the support of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists and has been thoroughly tested and FDA approved.  I am thrilled that the product is now on the market so those who are in need can take advantage of this innovative portable device.”

Thera-glides are portable device designed for assisting with range of motion exercises in physical therapy. It is effective for recovery from muscle and joint injuries, prevention of atrophy and is beneficial for post-op exercise as well.  It also builds strength. 

The device is perfect for those who have suffered injuries or have been through recent surgeries and is ideal for the elderly as well.  It can be used during physical therapy session at the clinic and is convenient and easy to transport so it can also be utilized at home or even at the office.

Thera-glide is under the parent company (The Cheshire Duo, LLC), that is a Certified Disability and Minority Enterprise located in Laguna Hills, California.  It is backed by Michael Dean Hairston PT, a 40 year veteran in the physical therapy field.  It is endorsed by doctors, physical and occupational therapist, chiropractors, and podiatrists.  The therapeutic exercise device was invented by Floyd Kaylor when he discovered the need for it after a personal injury he suffered.  Seeing, firsthand, the demand and vision for the product, Kaylor co-designed, co-created and co-produced the Thera-glide.

Thera-glide is used in physical therapy settings, in doctor’s offices and in elderly care facilities as well.  Now, the device is available for patients to transport wherever they desire in order to exercise at their convenience.  It is being hailed as a major breakthrough in the realm of physical therapy and is being praised by therapists, doctors and patients alike.

For more information about the portable exercise device, visit the Thera-glide website.

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