Against All Odds and Winning; A Mission to Beat Drug Addiction

The Opioid Epidemic is a huge crisis in the United States as well as in our state of Arizona. Currently, there’s an estimated 2.1 million people in America who suffer from substance abuse related to prescription opioid pain relievers. Phoenix, AZ is in the top 10 for opioid distribution. As of June 15th, the Arizona Department of Health Services has stated that more than 3,200 suspected opioid overdoses have been reported with more than 400 of those resulting in death.

In this national fight against the Opioid Epidemic, One organization has redefined the way to treat drug addiction with their “Reality Model”. High in the mountains of Prescott Az., Lisa Waknin, the Founder and CEO of Silver Sands Recovery and her team of drug addiction treatment and recovery experts are leading the battle to reduce chronic relapse and help promote long term sobriety and wellness.

Silver Sand Recovery: Mission to Beat Addiction

Meet Lisa Waknin, the mother of an addict and founder and CEO of Silver Sands Recovery – Lisa is a fierce woman who has overcome adversity her entire life. The best years of her life professionally were the worst years of her life personally. She discovered her daughter was an addict, and her world was turned upside down. That’s when the warrior in her took over. Through sleepless nights, to working all day, she saw her daughter slipping before her eyes and searched endlessly for help to get her daughter back. Her journey is compelling and will resonate with many parents. Against all odds her daughter at the age of 22 years old got sober and has been sober for over 2 ½ years now. She knows full well what it takes to get loved ones on track, which in her own words is “It takes Massive Action”.

From the edge of her utter despair to the gratefulness she has for her daughter’s recovery, she decided to pay it forward by delivering a treatment facility that can do everything it takes to give addicts the chance they deserve to get sober and most importantly, stay sober.

Lisa has now surrounded herself with some of the very people who have helped to save her own daughter.  One man, in particular she sought to be her partner. Meet Brian McEnroe, aka “Bird”.  Standing at 6′ 4″ a basketball and sport enthusiast, Bird happens to be one of the main reasons Silver Sands Recovery not only exists today, but why it is so successful in its ability to get people sober and stay sober.

If asked how Brian McEnroe got his nickname his answer is quite simply this, “I was as yellow as Big Bird when I got sober eight years ago.”  Bird is the real deal. He knows how to get these kids sober and on a routine to stay that way. Partnering with Lisa, Bird brought his love of sports to Silver Sands Recovery and created a Sports Division that helps our clients just as much as the therapy does. Finding a healthy outlet with team sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, brings to the table another dimension in recovery that is needed just as much as any other aspect. Bird knows it takes massive action to get results. Meetings, therapy, clinical care, medical care, sports, work, sober fun, they are all important because when you leave here you need to know to put your sobriety first and to do everything it takes to make you stay that way.

Together they have built Silver Sand Recovery, with a team of outstanding medical and clinical staff whom are all committed to the “Reality Model” for Prescott drug addiction treatment. The results are impressive. Silver Sands Recovery, is an addiction treatment and recovery rehab program like no other. It is a place that was built from her experiences on what she wanted for her own child.

The two of them have taken their life challenges and experiences and turned them into something that is making a real difference. Lisa’s personal adversity led her to create a Drug Rehab program that is based on a “Reality Model” that is turning around the lives of addicts and their families.  Her education in recovery treatment is stemmed from the perspective of a concerned parent. That is the difference in her approach to treating addiction. And it’s working!

Silver Sand Recovery is a smaller program that makes each patient feel acknowledged, cared for and special. Their program truly shows patients they can live a happy sober life style. Their “Reality Model” helps reduce chronic relapse and encourages ongoing sobriety. It’s good to hear stories of HOPE and Success in the battle against the rampant opioid epidemic.

Lisa is available to share her story and offer her experience and advice on fighting addiction. She recently released “A Parent’s Guide to Fighting Addiction”, and shares ways to “bring Bottom Up” to get a loved one clean & sober as soon as possible.

You can also see Lisa speak at “The Change for Nick Foundation”, in New Jersey under Blogs on their website.

Lisa is a sought after speaker to Recovery Support group, Trade Organizations, Communities and Companies wanting to educate their employees on the devastation of opiate and heroin abuse in our country. She has been featured several times on the NYC radio broadcast show “Sonstein Sunday” with top personality Shelli Sonstein on Q 104.3FM to discuss how to best fight addiction.

Direct Contact – Lisa Waknin  PH: 888-845-9484  Facebook: Silver Sands Recovery.

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