Airwheel A6S Electric Wheelchair as A Transport of Great Portability And Electricful Performance

Airwheel A6S electric wheelchair, the latest model in 2017 is featured by great performances and great portability. Also Airwheel will make the city life more convenient and comfortable.

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There are roads like park roads, roads in the stadium where people also need vehicles but traditional vehicles cannot run there. Even the two-wheeled motorbikes are not portable enough to run on all types of city roads. Yet, what about the same strong vehicle with great portability—Airwheel A6S Electric Wheelchairs designed for people have easy-tired physical conditions or have difficulty in walking?

Airwheel A6S

The previous models are not at all applicable to the long-distance trip. The long-time standing on the self-balancing scooter will cause fatigue. The rider most often gives up on the long trip halfway, not least because of the fatigue. Airwheel A6S self-balancing electric wheelchair, the new flagship products of Airwheel brings riders an effortless long journey. With the same portability as the previous models in A series products, A6S has been improved in many product details. The battery cores have been improved greatly. The wheels are also improved to larger ones with 14-inch hubs, which make A6S handle controlled electric wheelchair better in manoeuvrability and being steady. The designs of Airwheel A6S are also refined. More dynamic and streamlined elements are adopted on the appearances. Thus, with Airwheel A6S, riders are able to avoid walk on many long and unusual roads like wood roads, sidewalks, stadium passages and campus roads. Great portability generates great possibilities.

Airwheel A6S

Most importantly, the designs of Airwheel A6S all focus on the performances and portability. The top-quality hardware and software enable A6S to bear the burden as heavy as 90 kg stably and smoothly. The frame of Airwheel A6S smart electric wheelchair is made of magnesium aluminium alloy, which is solid, durable and light. Moreover, A6S enjoys the automatic folding system that is it can be stretchable automatically. So it can be restored in a very narrow space like in the trunks of cars. Also because of the small sizes, they can be rode on any roads where people can walk. So A6S themselves can be both the compliments and the replacements of traditional cars.

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