Kuntai Machinery Introduces Fabric Laminating Machines for Different Industries

There are different types of laminating machines that Kuntai Machinery is offering for different sectors for laminating rubber, foam, artificial leather and other fabrics.

For different industries, various kinds of laminating machines are used for the lamination of materials. The lamination forms a protective layer to help maintain the shine and durability of a surface. Kuntai Machinery has a variety of laminating machines that can be used to laminate rubber, foam, artificial leather and other materials and have their application in different industries.

The company supplies the hot melt laminating machine that comes with an excellent adhesion capacity to laminate 99.9% of the fabrics. According to the spokesperson of the company, the machine processes all types of fabrics and the laminated materials achieve a good flexibility and durability to be used in different products and applications. The laminated fabrics achieve a higher temperature resistance and can be used in applications where materials are processed under very high temperature. The laminating machine can have its wide application in the shoes, sports good, sofa, driver suit and other industries. 

hot melt laminating machine

The PUR fabric laminating machine that company has in its portfolio is widely used in the apparel, footwear, leather and plastic products, industrial fabric and other industries. The PUR laminating machine doesn’t use any glue and is environment-friendly. According to the spokesperson, they also have solvent based laminating machines that require a very low amount of glue for laminating different materials. These lamination machines increase the bonding effect and adopt a high temperature resistance. They also have the textile fabric laminating machine that can efficiently laminate PVC, PU, Neoprene, Artificial Leather and other fabrics.

Kuntai Machinery also specializes in the fabric film laminating machine that can provide non-toxic and glue-less lamination on different fabrics. The laminated materials achieve a higher degree of wear resistance, flexibility and durability. The lamination also protects the fiber from moisture and reaction against oil and other solvents. The fabric film lamination machine is also used to help maintain the shine and the new-like look of the material for an extended period of time. The machine is widely used in the garment industry, medical products industry, packaging industry, footwear and bag industry, car interior industry and other sectors.

One can learn more about the different laminating machines the company supplies by visiting their website http://www.kuntai-group.com.

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Kuntai Machinery manufactures and supplies laminating machine, cutting machine, bronzing machine,  etc which are high in quality and accuracy, reliable in performance, and competitive in price. As an industry leader, the company offers free installation training and 24 hours quality service to the clients.

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