Transformational 3-day Leadership Training Program in the city of the Nawabs!

A combo of two excellent leadership and management consulting firms ‘Phrenimos’ and ‘Pratham’ are conducting a three-day ‘Experiential’ Interaction Leadership Training Program from 24-26 November 2017 at BTR Resort, Srisailam Highway, outskirts of Hyderabad, Telangana.

The setting up of the program – The ‘Heart & Mind of Leadership’ took place with the intention of offering an experience where an individual can understand, learn and adopt new skills and ways of building up his professional as well as personal life.

Two great minds in this field – Mr. Deepak Sawhney, the Founder of Phrenimos and a Human Potential & Experiential Expert and Mrs. Moushumi Gupta, the Founder CEO of Pratham and a Transformation Catalyst, will be available there to present their views. Their focus will be on bringing forward how to unlock one’s potential by connecting to the principle of his core being.

This program is an opportunity for existing and potential leaders to explore their inner self and hidden potential in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Experiential Interaction Leadership Training Program details:

The Program will be emphasizing on –

  • Exploring the various layers of existing traits and patterns
  • Revelation of actual leadership power within
  • An inspiring journey towards your growth in both experience & intellect
  • A revitalized spirit with grander clarity about your future plans
  • A very comfortable, playful and fun-filled ways of scrutinizing the varied depths of one’s true being

The three-day long ‘Experiential Interaction Leadership Training’ program will focus on accomplishing a meticulous analysis of the potential of the partakers by using Human Potential Assessment Tool. The readings obtained from this assessing tool will span over 23 characteristics and then will tell about over and under showcased facets of the participants. The aim is to help unleash the true capability of the contributors.

Through this Experiential Interaction Leadership Training program, the partakers will get the opportunity to learn about various techniques that can help get rid of all the negative emotions and channel the positive energy and connect to your inner self.

Being a residential type program of 3 days and two nights the event will be offering light and planned physical activities that will empower the participants to absorb exquisite information on the first two days and to visualize and contemplation on the last day.

Phrenimos – A Management Consulting & Leadership Consulting Firm

Phrenimos, a management consulting and leadership consulting firm, was set up by Mr. Deepak Sawhney with the aim of helping others in unlocking their potential. The core belief of the company is “Working on the inside (mindset) to strike a note on the outside (behavior).”

It is the firm’s drive to assist –

The cause of the existence of Phrenimos is to assist people in reflecting, focusing, building paths, structuring the goal and accomplishing the best of their potential.

With Heart & Mind of Leadership Program, the firm expects to attract more and more participants to help them unleash their hidden potential and connect with their inner self.

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Phone: +91 9646513691
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