Digital Asset Creation Made Easy With The Borderless Platform

Floriana, Malta – Nov. 6, 2017 – The creation of digital asset has now been made easy with the borderless platform. The platform has been introduced as the fastest new payment method. With it being able to batch transfer 100,000/second. Now, individuals and businesses can create and issue their customized digital assets in the said platform as long as it meets all of their requirements.

The platform also makes it possible for business models that are capable of generating profits to be integrated into it through its user-issued assets, which is basically a certificate that is registered and issued with it. This certificate can then be traded on the platform in accordance with the requirements met. On the other hand, the one who created the certificate can fill in its name, description, and other important information. They are also given the authority to issue it however they see fit.

When it comes to the payment method, it can batch transfer 100,000 times/second. This only means that the user of the said platform gets to enjoy a fast transfer speed. What makes it an even more ideal choice for both individuals and businesses is that they would only be charged the lowest handling fees even when it comes to making payments from one country to another country. Hence, they are actually given the chance to save money in transferring digital assets and whenever they purchase something online.

For remittance service agencies, the handling fee for a remittance amounting to $1000 is $12 and it takes at least 3 days for the transaction to be processed. Also, in the United States, for Bank Wire Transfers, the handling fee costs $45.5 and it typically takes about 2-3 days for it to be processed. On the other hand, with the borderless platform, the handling fee is only approximately 2.6 USD. So, there is a huge difference when it comes to the handling fee charge. Also, when it comes to the time required to process it, it actually only takes a few seconds. It would also be safe to say that it happens in almost an instant. This is the reason why more and more people have been opting for this payment method over others.

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