Eco-friendly and Made for Veteran Aid, New ‘Frangible Ammo’ Combats PTSD

Las Vegas, NV – Ammunition manufacturing can also be an eco-friendly and charitable work. Red Rock Ammo is the world’s first non-profit ammunition company that combines two noble aims into one, helping protect the environment as well as take care of veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorders.

Red Rock Ammo supplies a new type of ammo, Frangible Ammo, which is friendly to the environment when used in ranges, and does not cause lead poisoning. Target shooters who buy Frangible Ammo thus help in various ways to make the world better. Red Rock Ammo offers savings of 10-30 percent on bulk purchases. The manufacturer also offers customized ammo, as well as ammo with attractive discounts. Some purchases will receive a Fair Market Value tax deduction per IRS guidelines.

“Our mission is very focused. We work with local communities to identify veterans who have been identified by the Department of Veteran Affairs as suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and who have been incarcerated as first-time drug offenders until their trials take place,” says a spokesperson for Red Rock Ammo.

Red Rock Ammo helps identified veterans post bail, offers legal aid, and gives them a network of resources to help with drug dependency. The proceeds from the eco-friendly ammunition thus go towards making the lives of veterans fulfilling and productive.

“We also envision that Red Rock Ammo will set an example as a nonprofit organization that has found a practical way to help our veterans and show our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made to protect our freedom, while also doing our part to protect the environment,” says Robert Eldridge, President/Founder, Red Rock Ammo.

All ammo manufactured by Red Rock Ammo is certified by a specialist and performs as per its specifications. Every round of ammo bought from Red Rock Ammo goes towards saving a family member, and the organization aims to ensure that no veteran is left behind.

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