Upcoming Travel Series ‘You’re Going Where?’ Shatters Media Lies, Reclaims the True Narrative of The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is a name that many may not be familiar with. Those who are mistakenly consider it to be one of the most dangerous regions of the world that is now ridden with violence, piracy and poverty. A new travel series, ‘You’re Going Where?’, aims to change the way outsiders look at this misunderstood region.

To see and understand the real Africa, one has to actually go there and experience its many unique cultures and history. The journey can be challenging, but always leaves a memorable imprint. One such place is the Horn of Africa, until now popularly misconceived and portrayed as a region ridden with conflict and turmoil.

Traveller and creator Mohammed Ibrahim Shire is on a mission to change the narrative of Africa to bring it in synch with one of reality. If media can distort reality with its power, the same media can also be used to correct the image and bring out the reality. For the first time, ‘You’re Going Where?’ will reveal the positive side of this region and display its beauty and the vibrant peace-loving people that are often overlooked.

“Africa has a familiar outward narrative when it comes to non-Africans, a narrative of poverty, famine, war and corruption. It’s an unjustified image that has unfortunately overshadowed the beauty of this continent, its epic landscapes, long history and vibrant cultures,” says traveller and creator, Mohammed Ibrahim Shire.

‘You’re Going Where?’ aims to counter the negative image of Horn of Africa with rare visuals captured by cinematographer Richard Boon. The first series will highlight the cultures, sites, landscapes of the Horn of Africa as never captured before. Other crew members of the series are editor Simone Bardi and composer Chris Skipper.

Mohammed Ibrahim Shire is an author, amateur photographer, storyteller, and a Somali history enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He has co-founded the famous storytelling platform, ‘Somali Faces’, which tries to challenge and dispel the mainstream Somali image in the media. Born in war-torn Somalia, his family escaped to Europe at a young age. He spent his formidable years in the Netherlands before deciding to pursue his education in the UK.

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Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ODfvnOu_84c

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