Optimal US Logistics, LLC announces the expansion of its shipping network of private forwarding agents

Leading Logistics Company and provider of US mailing address, Optimal US Logistics, LLC, has announced its readiness to expand its shipping network of private forwarding agents after the completion of investment round

Optimal US Logistics, LLC is one of the leading logistics companies that provide buyers with a US mailing address, allowing them to shop from US retailers and receive US correspondence. The company has a network of dedicated and professional forwarding agents located in different regions across the United States.

United States retailers are one of the most patronized sellers across the globe. This is not surprising considering the quality of items sold by the stores. The need to receive US correspondences has also been on the rise in recent times. These developments have led to the increase in the demand for US mailing address by persons living outside the United States, to allow for the easy receipt of such correspondences and items anywhere they are in the world.

Buyers and other such persons in need of these US mailing addresses have often struggled to get logistics company that effectively render such services. While some companies have been able to deliver on their claims, others have only charged unsuspecting clients exorbitantly without delivering as expected. In other climes, many logistics companies that offer this service do not have enough coverage or agents across the United States, consequently limiting their reach and the service rendered to clients.

In a bid to serve its clients better and as part of the company’s plans to ensure every customer is served effectively regardless of their location, Optimal US Logistics has announced the plans to expand its shipping network of private forwarding agents. The expansion plan was made known after the company concluded its discussions with new shipping agents across the US.

Currently, Optimal US Logistics has its agents in several regions in the US including Portland, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland and New Jersey. The services rendered by Optimal US Logistics include USA physical mailing address, low-cost shipping options, mail forwarding, mailbox rental, freight shipping, mail consolidation, and mail repackaging. The company also offers procurement service, phone and fax numbers in the US as well as virtual office in the USA.

Optimal US Logistics is in partnership with some of the world’s leading shipping companies such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL to offer excellent rates to clients, ensuring reliability and high cost-effectiveness.

Optimaluslogistics.com has received accolades from clients across the globe, reiterating the company’s commitment to excellent service delivery. “Optimal US Logistics has made it possible for me to buy the latest Apple products before they arrive in Europe and at a lower price too. In my personal account, I can view photos of all products and manage the shipping process online,” says Derrick de Fris from Belgium.

About Optimal US Logistics, LLC

Optimal US Logistics, LLC is a logistics company that provides US mailing address to help persons buying from US retailers and receive US correspondence, serving customers from the US and across the globe.

The Optimal US Logistic, LLC team include Roger Frampton the President and Director, Tucker Dension, Director, and Vice President, Michael Prolov, Chief Technical Officer and John Kasinger as the Head of Marketing. Other members of the team are Kenneth Folk, the Chief Financial Officer and Loren Toddy as the Chief Information Officer.

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