Rosen Minchev Launches Agency to Serve Entrepreneurs Around The World

Founder, speaker and entrepreneur, Rosen Minchev.
Respected business coach and global entrepreneur Rosen Minchev recently launched a new initiative to help develop entrepreneurial talent around the world.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Las Vegas, NV – Rosen Minchev is a successful entrepreneur, marketing guru, and sought-after lecturer. His business strategies have helped him to launch several seven figure businesses.  The self-made entrepreneur got his start in entrepreneurship in his early 20s, when he started several successful companies in Bulgaria. Before moving to America he also spent a great deal of time studying online advertising and honing his public speaking skills. At the age of 25, Minchev moved from his home country of Bulgaria to the United States where he now resides. This move not only helped to shift his thinking but also solidify his confidence that it was possible to re-invent oneself and develop entrepreneurial talent into unstoppable business machines. Within just 2 years of moving to America, Minchev generated over a million dollars in sales and coached more than 200 students. Today, Minchev is the owner of a highly respected advertising agency focusing on digital marketing, a prominent coach, lecturer, and the founder of an endeavor called the Learning Center for Online Entrepreneurs.  Recently, Minchev launched a new initiative that he hopes will help to develop entrepreneurial talent around the world and give back to others that knowledge he acquired over the last decade. 

“I remember watching this American movie called ‘Pay It Forward’,” says Minchev. “It’s about taking the gifts you receive and then passing them on to someone else. I was an entrepreneur and an immigrant to the United States. I understand that mindset and the challenges they face. My goal is to provide global entrepreneurs with the information they need to take their ideas and grow them into successful business ventures.”

Rosen is passionate about making a difference in the lives of immigrants and entrepreneurs in foreign countries. He has consolidated his efforts into his new agency ( that he is currently using as a platform to soon serve more than 1,000 entrepreneurs around the world.  His goals with the agency are to not only make it easier for his clients to do business in the United States, but to also provide them with actionable advice that they can use immediately to see gains on their endeavors. As an example, when asked in a previous story what business owners can do to improve their margins and double their ROI in 2017, Rosen replied that data analytics are definitely a must.  

“With the companies I work with, it’s all about the right combination between three vital factors: Data, Targeting and accurate Analytics,” says Minchev. “This is what I teach to others. The more user-generated data you have, the more future predictions you can have based on the analysis of it. Data and analytics are the most vital elements for your business longevity, whether user-generated data or AI.” 

This type of practical advice is part of the success blueprint he offers his clients and candidates. He believes that innovators and entrepreneurs have the type of passion and talent that are the primary roots of success. What they need, he believes, is the type of guidance that comes with experience to help them overcome the various hurdles and challenges of a global business.

After announcing his latest project, Rosen Minchev was labeled “The International Entrepreneur” by colleagues and clients.

About Rosen Minchev:

Rosen Minchev has been named “The International Entrepreneur” by his students, clients, colleagues and media around the world. Minchev has recently launched a new digital marketing and consulting agency to help even more immigrants to be successful.

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