Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd Produces All Types Of Marine Fenders And Dock Bollards With Strict Quality Control As In ISO9001

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd has been focusing on the manufacturing and retailing of a range of harbor berthing components, including but not limited to cell and cone fenders for several years now.

A range of docking components including wheel fenders, dock bollards, pneumatic fenders, cylindrical fenders, square fenders, and arch fenders (to name a few) are essential for securely berthing different kinds of marine vessels in harbors. Fenders are indispensable when it comes to safeguarding the sides, bottom, and body or the superstructure of ships, boats, ferries, hydrofoils, and all other seafaring vessels. Fenders protect the superstructure of seagoing vessels from getting scraped or dented or suffering any kind of serious damage while dropping anchor, that may render the boat or liner from sailing effectively. Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd is a Chinese conglomerate that has acquired a high degree of specialization in fabricating an array of berthing and docking components, including marine fenders.      

Since the establishment of Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd the enterprise has focused on the fabrication of a comprehensive range of performance-oriented products whose chief purpose is to furnish total protection to portside of vessels as well as piers, docks, quays, and harbors. The company has amassed a lofty level of craftsmanship in producing not only standardized components but also products as per the specifications outlined by its several institutional customers spread throughout the world. The company has the infrastructure needed for processing manufacturing orders as well as collaborates with expert production partners for the same, as and when required, from time to time. Since Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd has achieved economy of scale as the firm has been in business for a long period, it is able to supply cell fender at competitive rates.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd Produces All Types Of Marine Fenders And Dock Bollards With Strict  Quality Control As In ISO9001

Talking of cell fender, this dock guard component is available in a comprehensive range of standardized heights, ranging from 400H-3000H. Cell fenders, by dint of their compact and robust structure, have a history of being used for a very long time. This type of marine fender has a very tough body which enables it to sustain extremely bulky and massive steel panels in its margin. At the same time, cell fenders come perfectly handy in relieving stress off of a large vessel’s sideboard (an ocean liner or a passenger ship) when it is readied for anchoring. Cell fenders find extensive applications in container terminals and bulk terminals where they are used for facilitating the docking of large vessels as well as are used in offshore platforms, LNG facilities, and oil rigs.

The company is also a specialist in the manufacturing of cone fender which is a specific type of rubber fender and has evolved from cell fenders. In fact, cell fenders in their present forms, after undergoing several structural tweaks and modifications, became cone fenders. By virtue of their conically tapering structure, cone fenders are able to withstand heavy pressure and retain their stability even when they undergo intense compression. These fenders are pressed into service when a gigantic ship needs to be berthed in combination with massive steel panes.

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Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd is an established manufacturer and distributor of an assortment of dock safety and berthing components. For more details please visit their website.

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