TATA-PUNCH: The interactive fitness punching pad for boxers

Fitness and health is important for all of us.  Now, more than ever, boxing is becoming a popular way for people to get in shape; but, doing the same workout over and over again get boring.  The S-Power team has developed a new boxing training tool with innovative motion monitoring technology that makes working out more fun and more effective.

Tata-Punch, a smart interactive punching pad, brings science and fun to your boxing workout with an entertaining mobile APP.  The pad guides the boxer with light up sensors that are able to analyze each punch and teach important fighting techniques.  The APP gathers your data and provides expert analysis of your stats including punch power, speed, reaction time, and the number of calories burned.  Stats portrayed in a series of easy to read graphs help to visualize and track improvement.  This training system is a fun and thrilling way for beginning boxers to fall in love with the sport as they learn and get in shape.

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Analysis of a number of data

TATA-PUNCH can be used in three different modes:

Personal mode: customize training to fit your needs and schedule so that you get the perfect workout every time.

Training mode: use the light-up sensors to train your reaction time, speed, and strength.

Game mode: allows two or more users to train together and do their workouts to music creating a unique, fun, and exciting exercise experience.


The APP also allows you to find like-minded boxing partners with whom you can spar, share photos, and enjoy your training.  The punching pad can be taken anywhere and is perfect for the gym, the office, or at home.  Tata-Punch makes training fun for boxers of all ages and skill levels.



Tata-Punch is made from a durable microfiber material to withstand constant striking and uses a unique pressure sensing system for precise gathering of data.  It’s light and sound technology work to improve hand-eye coordination and striking accuracy while keeping the workout exciting.


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