Popular healing piano artist Florence Pun invited by Daily Spark with Dr. Angela

Famous for her unique “healing music”, inspirational pianist Florence Pun was the latest guest of Daily Spark where she talked about staying true to faith and embracing passion.

West Hollywood, CA – November 6, 2017 – Rising healing music artist Florence Pun was recently invited at popular radio show Daily Spark with Dr. Angela hosted by 99.1 FM Atlanta. The devout Christian musician is famous worldwide for her spiritual piano hymns which have shown to touch lives immensely and bridge differences in people from all walks of faith. Her interview championed the virtue of staying true to one’s faith and making the most of the gifts bestowed upon us by God Himself. 

The Daily Spark interview was scheduled for October 23rd, 2017.

“It’s a moment of great honor for me to be invited at the highly acclaimed Daily Spark with Dr. Angela hosted by 99.1 FM Atlanta. As a true Christian, I believe in Jesus or God and the miracles that can happen when you stay true to your faith. Through this interview, I have tried to share my experiences about the bliss of having faith in the Almighty which hopefully would strengthen your belief in God. I have also made an effort to inspire my audience about living their passion despite adversities. Each one of us has got a special ‘gift’ from God- say, a special talent or power- and we must muster the zeal to explore it at its best”, smiled Florence while talking about her interview with Daily Spark. 

Speaking further, she stressed on her aim to motivate people to dare to be different, embrace their passion and do different things in the mainstream world. 

“I always believe in the power of doing things out of the box and listening to one’s true calling. I make unconventional music in this mainstream world as this is where I found my calling. It’s lovely to see my unconventional healing music creating positive differences in people’s lives big time.”

An inspirational pianist and recording artist in instrumental music, Florence plays new age, classical and Christian music. She is an ABRSM Royal Schools of Music United Kingdom certificated pianist. She has also studied Fine Art and interior Architectural Design in Florida and California. Last month, Florence was invited at iHeartRadio Culture News to talk about Fine Art Education for the underprivileged children. 

Florence released her first CD “All the way my savior leads me” last year. Her music has been sold all across the globe and hailed as “healing music” by her listeners all over. At present, 3 leading FM Christian radios in the States and one in Korea are playing her music. Besides, a renowned online Christian radio regularly plays her music.  

Florence’s piano hymns are often described as one-of-a-kind with both classical touch and modern accents. Her piano style and touch are deeply influenced by American Tradition, European Heritage and Asian Aesthetic Musical Elements. Her listeners define her works as heartfelt with an exclusive quality of storytelling which transcend the audience to a new space.

“My music is not bound by the barrier of words and hence everybody, irrespective of language, culture and religion – would be able to feel and enjoy my compositions. My music is not just limited to Christians. In fact, it is aimed to reach out to people of all religions so that everybody can benefit from the healing power of my music.” 

Florence’s music is enjoyed by listeners from different faiths like Islam, Buddhism, Jew and even Atheists. 

“My music is based on ministry and is committed to minister the hearts of people. I aspire to enlighten and nourish the next generation through my spiritual and educational music.”

For more information, visit www.roselilyproduction.com

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