The book ‘Into the Light’ now selling hot on Amazon

A memoir-inspired poetry collection written to bring hope to the hopeless

November 6, 2017 – Emily Stroia, an intuitive writer, is proud to announce the release of her book “Into the Light” that is now selling hot on Amazon. In this book, Emily shared her life story from a transformative perspective of experiencing trauma & darkness to finding hope, miracles, and light. “This book is for anyone who has ever experienced loss, grief, brokenness, depression, abuse, trauma and heartbreak.” She said.

Into the Light is selling hot on Amazon and customers are dropping their reviews.

M. Rodriguez said the story was raw and inspiring. She said:“Even though it seemed like this story was written as a series of poems and perhaps a bit like riddles, you definitely understand what the author has been through without her getting too much into detail. Just enough for you to understand the rawness and the reality from her childhood until now. She broke through a traumatic part of her life and started her healing journey. It is almost as if she is telling her story of poetic justice. If she can break through this, it’s possible for anyone to do the same. Much love to her and anyone going through or going through a similar situation.”


Patrick Murray is another customer who found this book satisfactory, and this is what he said: “Emily Stroia takes you on journey of personal pain, love, forgiveness, and release, told with an interestingly creative approach. The word-play of this book took hold of me at the beginning and kept me attentive throughout. Thank you, Emily, for sharing this part of you with us, I’m sure this story will encourage or serve as a guide for others, it surely has opened my eyes and touched my heart.

This is must read and highly recommended.”

Into the Light has won the heart of everyone who has purchased it. Readers who love Patricia Lockwood and Patti Smith will want to hold space for Emily Stroia’s debut collection of poetry. Click here to get a copy.

About the Author

Emily Stroia is the author of the book, Into the Light. She is an intuitive teacher, spiritual leader, artist, and an author. In her story, it was said that she discovered her gifts of intuition and creativity when she was a child. She often explored her gifts through writing, art, and experienced frequent visions and dreams that would turn out to be accurate.

Emily was inspired to write her book (Into the Light) to encourage people who are fighting with issues of life to live powerful transformed lives with ease and peace. Click here to download her book.

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