Mengtop Launches Its Exclusive Range Of Power Banks With Multifunctional Usage

MENGTOP is a B2B company and manufacturer of several electronic products through newer innovative ideas. The company continuously intends to renovate the earlier versions of renowned products with an expertise background.

With the modern innovations in the electronic world and with the increasing use of mobile phones, the manufacture, and supply of mobile phone accessories have gained importance. Items such as power banks, earphones, charger, cables, USB chords and many others are an important part of mobile phones. Sparing all these, the mobile phones would become a little boring to handle. In fact, the present genre is highly obsessed with these mobile accessories. They are so into buying funky covers, durable power banks, chargers, fashionable earphones and others.

Mengtop Launches Its Exclusive Range Of Power Banks With Multifunctional Usage

So Mengtop does the job quite efficiently by providing a wide variety of electronic products to several countries and distributors. Mengtop introduces an exclusive range with its vast collection of phone accessories. It is one of the leading manufacturers of the electronic products. Their products stand out from the other standard ones for its uniqueness in design. Moreover, Mengtop specializes in the production of multifunctional power bank among its retailers. They come with new and innovative ideas constantly and launch brand new products every month for its customers. The company excels exclusively in providing customized services for customers who need the products with gift wrapping.

Mengtop actually plays as one of the premium manufacturers of power bank with its channels of distribution which includes the B2B business and many online shopping platforms like eBay and Aliexpress. The company exclusively deals in power banka wholesale basis. They offer their products at an affordable pricing as compared to its competitors that has helped it in acquiring worldwide name and fame.

The products are designed with proper heat controlling power. Some of the power banks are designed in such way by professionals that it can charge and get recharged simultaneously. These power banks can charge any android phones of brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC, Google phones, i-phones, even other gadgets like i-pad, Kindle, Bluetooth speakers, and even video game controllers.

Mengtop technology has recently launched its exclusive edition of power bank that is the cat eye power bank 10000mah. It is known as the Miaow Cat Eye Power Bank with Type C port and is designed for faster speed and also smoothens charging of mobiles including i-phones and even apple watches. These are available in two colors white and black designed based on the appearance of cats. A single touch on the back finger area helps to activate it. It enables Type C input and output which helps to expand the compatibility. The most attractive part is the extraordinary look resembling a cat face and also blinking of the cat’s eyes on the power bank which indicates the battery level. It is available with much more reliability which ensures greater safety.


MENGTOP has evolved as a B2B department of the parent company EasyAcc which was set up in 2015. Mengtop has experienced a rapid expansion due to its excellent manufacturing. The company is thoroughly undertaking for the offline and wholesale business of EasyAcc.

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