Adventure Quest Game Life Starts Tomorrow Launches on Indiegogo

Last Saturday, on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo began raising funds for the adventure quest Life Starts Tomorrow. The development of this project was conducted almost a year in the studio Satell Games and now the project is ready for release. According to the plot of the game on the planet visal-1 ceased to respond to messages, a space cargo ship flying nearby is sent. But because of equipment failure, the ship falls and crashes.

The only survivor on the ship is a robot-engineer, whose role is assigned to the player. For 6 exciting missions, the player will need to solve the mystery of the dead colony. This will help him audio messages left by colonists around the planet.

The main features of the game are its beautiful graphics and non-linear plot. More than a hundred audio messages scattered around the planet will tell you the stories of 3 dozen colonists. In the game, the characters is represented not just soulless sprites, each of them has its own story, its habits and character, each of them will tell you this long story in its own way. The game will take place in 6 huge locations, each of which has its own style, architecture of construction, and, of course, history. From the very beginning of the game, all locations are available for research, but the game will not pull you by the hand, the player decides where to go, and where not. The main story of the game will be revealed in the secondary locations, however, if desired, the player can skip them.

The game will be translated and announced in 4 languages, English, Russian, French and German.

You can find out more or support the project here:

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