Lotus Rx Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Green Hair Products on iFundWomen

November 7, 2017 – Lotus Rx announced today that it has launched its crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen. They are looking for backers to help bring to market their premium line of clean and green hair products designed to help treat the unpleasant symptoms resulting from dry scalp, dandruff, and chemotherapy-induced scalp rash. Lotus Rx products will heal an aggravated scalp, prevent color and moisture stripping and provide shiny, bouncy hair. In addition, the products aim to treat the itchy, red, inflamed rash known as ‘chemocap.’ Currently there are no gentle, safe and efficacious everyday treatments that alleviate the itching, flaking and heal the raw skin underneath, but early results show that Lotus Rx does just that!

The funds raised through this campaign will go towards: a) supporting an even greener reformulation of the product; b) developing new packaging manufactured entirely from unbleached, recycled milk jugs, and c) launching the Cancer Connect initiative to provide free product samples to women and men who experience chemotherapy-induced seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp. Cancer Connect will facilitate additional research in this area, with the aim of bringing much-needed relief and return a little normality for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The Lotus Rx products were created by Katharine Grimmer, a biologist with 22 years of experience in oncology drug development and a passion for helping people. She was motivated to design her natural, ecofriendly line of shampoo and conditioners after struggling to find sulfate and salt-free products that were sustainably manufactured and could get the job done. During the process of developing Lotus Rx, Katharine was also her mother’s caretaker throughout her journey battling breast cancer. When her mom started suffering from ‘chemocap,’ they discovered that Lotus Rx’s products, with their healing botanicals, anti-inflammatory properties and nourishing oils, were able to heal the condition and restore her scalp’s health. “At Lotus Rx we believe that everyone deserves a healthy scalp! Achieving this with an OTC active ingredient combined with natural, gentle ingredients is the solution.” 

Please visit Lotus Rx’s iFundWomen crowdfund page to learn more, support the initiative, and try the amazing product line: https://ifundwomen.com/projects/end-dry-scalpdandruff-with-lotus-rx

For more information regarding Lotus Rx Cancer Connect, please visit: http://www.lotusrxhairsolution.com/cancer-connect/

Media Contact
Company Name: Lotus Rx Hair Solution
Contact Person: Katharine Grimmer
Email: katharine@lotusrxhairsolution.com
Phone: (415) 225-7079
Country: United States
Website: https://ifundwomen.com/projects/end-dry-scalpdandruff-with-lotus-rx