Mac Watson Announces Write-in Campaign for Alabama Senate Special Election

AUBURN, AL – 7 Nov, 2017 – After examining the two major party candidates and noting the voter apathy in the primaries a few weeks ago, I determined to do something a bit off the deep end: I am actively pursuing the open US Senate seat in Alabama’s special election December 12 as an independent write-in candidate. While it is true only 3 Congressional elections have been won by a true write in-candidate (Strom Thurmond and Lisa Murkowski in the Senate and Charles Wilson in the House of Representatives), I believe the state now has an opportunity to send someone to Washington who truly believes as a majority of Alabamians believe and desires the same outcomes in D.C.

There are over 3.3 million registered voters in Alabama. Roy Moore garnered 262,000 votes in the Republican runoff while Doug Jones received 109,000 votes in the Democratic primary, a total of 371,000 voters. In contrast, 2.1 million Alabamians voted in the Presidential election of 2016. A mere 9% of those registered to vote made the effort to vote for either candidate in the Democratic primary and Republican runoff while 63% voted in the Presidential election. This is the dictionary definition of voter apathy. Couple that with a single-issue special election 13 days before Christmas, and malaise stands to be the only winner. This, I firmly believe, represents the perfect storm by which a dark horse can win. Thus, the electorate, not Breitbart, Planned Parenthood, or has the potential to elect our Senator.

I am life-time Alabama resident and small-business owner.  My family roots are six generations deep in state soil. I consider myself a states-rights Constitutional conservative. I am a free-market capitalist who believes great things can happen if the federal government just gets out of the way. I am a Christian, but I will never use my religion as either a shield or a sword in politics. I believe the income tax system is unnecessarily complicated and needs a complete overhaul. I believe we all pay too much in taxes because the federal government spends like drunken sailors on shore leave. I believe we need to get spending under control; then let’s lower taxes for everyone. If we cut taxes and don’t cut spending, we have created a tax deferment, not a tax cut.  I do not believe healthcare is a birthright, but states need policies in place to assist those who work hard, but unsuccessfully, to make ends meet. I think elected officials have a shelf-life, and term limits for Congress are long overdue.

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