November 7, 2017 – Washington, DC – For thousands of high school seniors, it’s college countdown time, and in less than thirty days, The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp will be held in Detroit, helping student sort through college admission applications, FAFSA and the most critical question how will they pay for college. On the day following Thanksgiving, while thousands of Detroiters are typically lined up at shopping centers across town to search for Christmas gifts, Gwen Thomas; Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp founder hopes that Detroiters with high school students and college students will lineup and learn how to shop and win scholarships.


It’s also crunch time for families who have students currently in college. Many parents are already stressed about how they will pay the balance of their student’s tuition before January. At the same time, high school seniors and their parents are trying to complete FAFSA, complete college admission applications and in less than a year, figure out how to pay an often, hefty price for college tuition. If any of these cases resemble your situation then you may want to learn how Gwen Thomas, known as the scholarship mom, author, education advocate helped students win more than $4 million dollars in college scholarships, as well as help students study abroad in more than 30 countries.


In her book, “The Parent’s Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College without Going Broke,” Thomas shares invaluable information on how to successfully navigate through the process of securing funding for college. She highlights strategies used to educate her son from kindergarten through college and discusses the dichotomy of obtaining a return on investment of college tuition, the problem of college debt and unemployment. The book also discusses the crucial conversations that families must have about selecting the right schools from elementary through colleges. Thomas also provides an extensive list of scholarships and fellowships for students from Undergraduate through Doctoral programs.


“College tuition is one of the largest expenditures a person will make aside from purchasing a home, and we need to teach our students how to effectively apply to scholarships so they win these opportunities to pay for their college education” says Thomas. Our goal is to help families realize that there are alternative ways like scholarships to funding college reduce college debt, whether they have zero income to a six-figure income.”

Thomas, a native Detroiter, but now a Washington, DC resident will host The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp on Friday, November 24, 2017, at the UAW FORD, 151 W. Jefferson in Detroit, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Thomas created Fresh Perspective Seminars, a non-profit think tank dedicated to college readiness academically and financially, and workforce preparedness; The Scholarship Bootcamp will provide parents and students with strategies to apply for scholarships, provide writing lab and actual tips for applying for scholarships. This year’s event includes a stem panel of involving Dr. Eric Ayers of Wayne State Medical School, Dr. Bobby Dunford from Washington, DC offices of Purdue Pharma, Chandra Moore, Los Angeles architect from CoG Studios, and a host of other speakers. The luncheon speaker will be Cameron Thomas-Shah, U.S. Diplomat from Honduras will speak to students about study and career abroad programs. Parents will participate in a financial literacy class, and high seniors, juniors, and current students will participate in a writing lab.

The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp is free, and registration is required, log on to or call 609-474-4877.

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