The Chill Group is Offering Advanced Financial Monitoring with ChillCaster

Alberta, Canada The Chill Group is an accounting firm founded by Corey Hill, a CPA with a unique kind of vision when it comes to assisting people with their financial issues. Aware that consultations would normally be boring or tedious, Hill and company add a bit of flare to turn the experience into something fun and fulfilling. That includes revolutionizing the way people can monitor their finances with a cool financial tool called ChillCaster.

People deal with a lot of financial issues which include year-end taxes, budgeting/forecasting, CPA representation, and other personal tax concerns. Plenty of CEOs and business executives have already tried the Chill Group’s unique brand of assistance and they were most satisfied. Travis & Melissa, the owners of Tranfield Earthworks Ltd. had this to say: “Corey helped us overcome a mountain of stress from a previous bookkeeper/accountant. We were overwhelmed and he was very kind, helpful and reassuring. Very professional and thorough, he took the time to sit down with us and not rush but explain everything on anything we misunderstood and gave us a great crash course on business sense! We cannot say enough about how amazing he has been for us!”

Aware that people needed a tool to closely monitor their budget and business performance, the Chill Group came up with a helpful tool in the ChillCaster. Its revolutionary tool is a virtual assistant that anyone can use with their business and financial standing. The tool is pretty easy to use and even includes a chat option to answer queries when needed. The tool offers a convenient way for people who want a better overview of their current business and/or financial standing in a snap.

Outside the budget and financing that companies have to deal with, the Chill Group can also help plot the proper organization and management chart to render a better view of the people employed. With an organization chart, business executives get a bigger picture of who key personnel is. This should come in handy when restructuring or expansions come around, avoiding potential problems like the communication breakdown.

The Chill Group offers a wide array of services for anyone to check out. They are located at 200, 17872 – 106 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5S 1V4. Consultation and queries can be made via phone call at 780 483 5869 or through e-mail at For a better overview of the company, their corporate portfolio can be found at

Media Contact
Company Name: Chill Group
Contact Person: Corey Hill
Phone: 780 483 5869
Address:200, 17872 – 106 Avenue
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta
Country: Canada