Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist Teaches People How to Support Worthwhile Causes and Charities

Charles Gladfelter Hanover philanthropist wants to teach and demonstrate how people can support worthwhile causes and charities.

Hanover, PA Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist is a social philanthropy organization that aims to help people in local communities to improve their way of life. Members of this organization are pleased that Charles was able to give them a clear picture of how local philanthropy should be done. Jane said, “I am thankful with how Charles has explained how philanthropy works. Now, I am able to give and at the same time connect with other donors. We look forward to creating projects within the local community that we are assisting.” The receivers of the organization’s generosity are thankful for Charles and his team. Kyle said, “Mr. Charles gives us a lot of stuff from his friends and we are thankful for them because now, we get to eat without having to worry where can we get the money to buy even for a few pieces of bread. Thank you to all of you!”   

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist wants to educate people on how they can support a local community through their philanthropy. Being a philanthropist can be down on your own or through a group. Charles says that the fulfillment one will feel from helping out a community is also linked to the betterment of one’s health. On the business side, companies can support worthwhile causes and charities as part of their company’s social responsibility. Apart from the tax savings, they may incur, Charles and his organization believe that it is everybody’s moral obligation to give back something to the community.  

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist believes that it is best to give people, who want to be local philanthropists within a certain community, some guidelines on how they can support worthwhile causes and charities. With Charles’ guidelines, one will be able to identify the kind of philanthropist that they want to be. Do they just want it to be a place-based giving or do they want to widen their reach? Do they want to just be a bottom-up funder and let the local stakeholders of the community do the work to help the community have a positive transformation?

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist is located at 210 Krug Avenue in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Charles Gladfelter can be reached by phone at (717) 524-1235, by email at, or from the website, Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist believes that helping their organization does not only benefit their member’s well-being but it also improves the lives of the communities that they are helping.

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Company Name: Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist
Contact Person: Charles Gladfelter
Phone: (717) 524-1235
Address:210 Krug Avenue
City: Hanover
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States