Irvine, CA – Nanotech Engineering Inc. earlier this year invented the World’s First Nanopanel™, a solar panel based strictly on Nanotechnology.

“Unbeknownst to many, the environmental impact of manufacturer traditional solar panels exceeds the benefit”, stated Sudhir Vidyarthi, one of the Co-Inventors, “If you ever wondered why 95% of solar is manufactured in India and China, investigate how they’re made”.

“The manufacturer of the Nanopanel™ Environmental inpact is near zero,” stated Vidyarthi,” “It’s more a matter of assembly, of manipulation of atoms than true manufacturing”. “Traditonal Solar panels employ silica, glass, metal, arsenic, it’s a real mess” Stated Vidyarthi, “People don’t seem to realize any benefits received from solar are negated by the mess it takes to build them.”

“Solar has long been sought out as a free energy source, now that we’ve solved the Solar problem we’ll see Solar being used standard by most homes, and probably in new construction.”

Nanotech Engineering Inc. shocked the world of Nanotechnology this year when they invented the World’s First Nanopanel, a super Solar Panel the size of a FedEx envelope, yet with a 92% efficiency rating, that compares with traditional Solar Panels at only 20% efficiency. The Nanopanel™ is lightweight, yet stronger than steel, flexible and easy and inexpensive for installations.”

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