Nanotech Engineering Inc new Nanopanel™ up for 5 Environmental awards.

Aurora, CO – 7 Nov, 2017 – Nanotech Engineering Inc, the company that invented the World’s first “Nanopanel™, a Graphene-based Solar Panel with a 92% rating, earlier this year released their environmental impact study, and it showed the impact is next to nothing.

“We are very honored to be nominated, man has long sought clean energy, sadly the manufacturing process of traditional panels almost offsets any potential environmental benefits”, stated Sudhir Vidyarthi, one of the Co-Inventors. “Our panel is more a manipulation of Atoms, hence low environmental impact”.

Vidyarthi continued, “At present solar is the exception, rare actually. We are convinced that with our low retail price and extreme efficiency we’ll see solar not only as the norm, but in parts of the world previously unthinkable for Solar such as Seattle and Denmark”, “Remember Photons still come through clouds, so if our panels only put out 20-30% we’ll see solar as the norm, and the energy of choice over the next decade.”

“The biggest award we can get is a clean world, so in that regard, we’ve already won no matter the outcome.”

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Company Name: Nanotech Engineering Inc
Contact Person: Michael Brooks
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Address:20100 East 32nd Parkway
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