Beat the Winter with Water Heater Repair in Las Vegas

November 7th, 2017 – Are you living in the Las Vegas area and in need of a reliable plumbing service? Look no further, the Water Heater Plumber located at 11035 Lavender Hill Drive, Building 160 unit 159-GR Las Vegas, are available to solve all your plumbing needs. The Water Heater Plumber has plumbers who are professionally trained and put through a rigorous program to ensure their skills are up to par.

One of the main services offered by the company is the repair of water heaters. You may be faced with a range of issues caused by your water heater including but not limited to rust in your pipes, a high electricity bill, water being converted still being cold etc. The experts at Water Heater Plumber may replace, renew or install a new water heater system for you. They go through the steps of evaluating your problem, analyzing it and offering the best solution as is suited to you and your needs. The recommendations given take into consideration your budget, your water heater requirements etc.

Other than dealing with water heater related issues, Water Heater Plumber services include dealing with rust in pipes that may be caused by the deterioration of your piping system or even the main drains that the city runs your water through. They will also address issues that cause your plumbing system to be having a stinky smell, a damaged or broken pipe, a blocked drainage system etc. At Water Heater Plumber there is also a 24 hour emergency hotline that you may use in case of any emergencies such as gas leak from the toppling over of a water heater, unexpected flooding etc.

They operate with a mandate of providing the best quality services at the most reasonable and affordable rates. Warranty is also available with all products and services rendered by Water Heater Plumber.

To learn more about Water Heater Plumber and their services you may visit them at or call 702 472 9036, 702 623 4317.

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Address:11035 Lavender Hill Dr. Bldg 160 unit 159-GR
City: Las Vegas
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