Respected Artist and Physician Creates One-of-a-Kind, Art-Centric Anti-Aging Spa

Founder of The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, Leone F. Elliott Jr. MD, MBA
The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is a one-of-a-kind health, wellness, and anti-aging spa that embraces a holistic, art-focused approach to health and healing.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(Baton Rouge, LA) The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa promotes the idea that youth and beauty are products of a healthy mind, body, and soul. The spa was founded by respected physician Leone F. Elliott Jr. MD, MBA who is also a sought-after wellness-advocate. His mantra is that the key to looking great and feeling wonderful is to develop and treat all three aspects of a person equally. This is the premise behind the gallery-spa; to develop the person as a whole, not just in parts. Today, the holistic center stands as a testament to mind, body, and spirit modalities. From their physical fitness and nutritional programs to their anti-aging therapies and art gallery, the center provides a complete package for residents of Baton Rouge.

“I am a great believer in the power of the mind to direct healing and health,” says Dr. Elliott. “As a physician and artist, I am constantly reminded of the link between aesthetics, health and happiness. When we are feeling good and positive, our health and our appearance improves. Confident people are attractive people. When we are feeling confident about our bodies, when we are eating the right foods, when we feed our souls—that is when we look our best.”

The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is the first of its kind in the region and touts those evidence-based programs that make a huge impact on health and beauty. It was important to Dr. Elliott to develop a center that was aesthetically pleasing, with curated art, music and aromatherapy that would help to uplift those patrons entering their doors. Customers and monthly members of the spa are already seeing the difference not only in their appearance but also their mood.

“We are seeing a complete turnaround in many of our members,” Elliott says. “We provide them with an escape, as well as, a healing center. It doesn’t matter if they’re here for Restylane fillers, a massage, personal training, or just to walk around and stare at the art on display, they are leaving here with such beautiful expressions that you cannot help but see them as transformed beings. That’s why we do what we do.”

Dr. Elliott wanted to bring an evidence-based focus to the center, using only those therapies and treatments that have good science attached. He is well known in the anti-aging and wellness communities for his grounded, soul-focused approach to medicine and has even been asked to present at TEDx LSU (2014). It is his personal goal to help people who may lack confidence because of their weight, skin condition, or shape and rebuild their confidence using targeted treatments that change their self-perception.

The spa offers one-time services, corporate and event specials, and monthly memberships that they say go the distance in transformation journeys. By combining services, the spa is able to have a greater impact on wellness. Patrons can come in for an exercise regimen or anti-aging facial that nourishes the mind and body and then wander the gallery to soothe their soul before leaving.

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