Fat Freezing Belt Permanently Destroys Stubborn Fat Cells

Saint Paul, Minn. – Scientific studieson cold thermogenesis provide evidence thatIsavera, a fat-freezing body wrap sold on isavera.com, has the potential to permanently destroy fat cells using nothing more than temperature. The new natural body-sculpting technology is intended to remove fat cells from common problem areas without the need for a traditional diet and exercise plan.

Weight loss is a different journey for everyone. Most people don’t have time to stick to a strict workout schedule, and even fewer people have the money to pay for expensive fat removal surgeries like liposuction or fancy diet plans. And even with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, extra pockets of fat in common problem areas like the stomach and hips can still stubbornly stick around.

Most people seem to think that the only way to target and remove fatty problem areas is by getting liposuction. But costly surgeries and risky diet pills aren’t the only ways to quickly remove fat cells from the body. Research has shown that long-term exposure to cold temperatures can significantly boost the body’s metabolism, speeding up the fat-burning process. Isavera, the fat freeze body wrap, was created based on this research.The wrapcan be used to target and eliminate fat cells in the stomach, arms, back, buttocks, and thighs.

Fat freezing, also called coolsculpting, is a technique that’s been used by dermatologists to spot-treat stubborn problem areas for years. But Isavera doesn’t require a trip to the doctor – for the first time, those same results are available at home. The Isavera fat freezing wrap uses several ice-cold gel packs to not only freeze fat cells and eliminate them, but to also improve the body’s metabolism.While diet and exercise are recommended with the product, neither is necessary – users see results either way.

In addition to permanent fat freezing, Isavera can also be used as a fat shrinking treatment. Instead of destroying fat calls, cold thermogenesis shrinks them over time to reduce the appearance of problem area flab. While Isavera tends to have different effects on different people, both methods are safe to use with no long-term negative side effects.

Weight loss fads tend to come and go because most of them just don’t work. But because Isavera is based on science, it has a higher rate of success – those with stubborn problem areas are more likely to see results in a shorter period of time.

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