Award-Winning Sacramento Heating and Cooling Company Says There Are Easy Ways to Lower Energy Bills

Gilmore Heating, Air & Solar General Manager, Darrin Gilmore with father John Gilmore.
Regional favorite and award-winning Gilmore Heating, Air & Solar wants to inform the public facing outrageous electric bills this winter that there are ways to lower their monthly energy costs and develop a smart energy plan for the future.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(Sacramento, CA) Energy costs are soaring for Californians and the state legislature has attempted to find ways to not only lower the cost of energy use but also promote green power alternatives. The Time of Use (TOU) rules were enacted that allow power companies to charge more for electricity during peak hours and push people towards using renewable energy sources. However, recent changes in what constitutes “peak” hours by power companies have created some issues for homeowners that Gilmore Heating, Air & Solar wanted to address.  The company was recently awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the State Assembly via Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for their expertise in solar services. Company GM Darrin Gilmore is an expert in solar solutions and believes that for many California customers the answer lies in Use Time Arbitrage.

“Use Time Arbitrage or ‘Time of Use Arbitrage’ is just a fancy way of saying that customers with solar panels need to charge their batteries during their peak solar so that they can limit their use when everyone else is home in the evening sucking up power,” says Gilmore. “It works out for everyone: lower pricing for homeowners and one less household demanding power of the energy company.”

He believes that the rollout of TOU has made it easier for residents to justify the switch to solar and his company has worked with countless homeowners to create solar solutions that fit their lifestyle and budget. Although Gilmore is known for heating/air and solar installation and service, the company offers a variety of services for area residents, from the installation of new HVAC systems and solar panels to the maintenance and upgrading of current home systems.

“We do it all,” says Gilmore. “We don’t just install new systems, we also find ways of cutting costs by upgrading insulation, changing windows, upgrading wiring—all the little things that can cut costs over the lifetime of a system. You’d be surprised how much having dual pane windows can save on energy costs.”

The company’s attention to detail and emphasis on customer service has won Gilmore Heating, Air & Solar multiple People’s Choice awards and earned them the Top Solar Dealer in North America for ten years straight.  The company believes that longevity in business can only happen when you put customers first, and that includes not just in-home behavior, but also going that extra mile to inform them of ways to cut costs and save them money. Every employee at the company knows that he or she is a part of transforming the culture when it comes to clean energy and indirectly changing how people heat and cool their homes in the future.

“Gilmore has a reputation for good customer service and that includes sharing knowledge with our customers,” he says. “Each of us at Gilmore is responsible for teaching people how to make the best use of the systems they have and to help our clients lower their costs. We take that responsibility seriously.”

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