Launches The World’s First Crowdsourced Women’s Fashion Accessory Line

The process entails consumers voting during a limited time between design styles for each collection’s production run that they actually want to see go into production. Nobody producing premium women’s accessories has ever done this before.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, September 26, 2014. The way women approach buying fashion accessories has forever been changed by the launch of This is the first website, or for that matter, fashion accessory line, in the world where the consumers can vote for their selections to be placed into production. Then, for a limited period of time, they offer the winning styles for pre-order and produce the designs exclusively for the voters. Worrying about going to an event and seeing other women wearing the same identical accessories is a thing of the past. High fashion bags and shoes are both well made, and comfortable. This crowd sourced model is the future of fashion, allowing Six Snowflakes to exclusively create designs for women that they know they will love, and at an unbeatable price point. reports that their bags are exquisitely made to last. They are comprised of neatly tucked away compartments for those readily accessible items. No more rummaging around in the bag to finds keys or cell phones. In the world of fashion shoes, the word “comfort” is often associated with an unappealing design. Shoes by Six Snowflakes make the wearer feel like they are floating, no more “party feet” after a night in heels. The saying “comfortable heels” is now a reality. Only the most exquisite styles are selected for each collection.

Shopping at Six Snowflakes means exclusivity, and becoming the owner of a very unique and exceptional design made on an exclusive basis. Their vote and buy cycles to curate and produce the line are very limited. After the timer reaches zero, the designs are gone from Six Snowflakes, FOREVER. No longer are consumers bound by the traditional fashions rolled-out for each season, nor are they relegated to the lackluster designs on the department store shelves. This is the democratization of fashion. Designs can be produced in a very cost-effective model because of the limited inventory required, while the quality level can be increased. All this at prices that won’t break the bank.

For complete information, please visit:… The Future of Women’s Accessories

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