2D MMORPG Warspear Online released on Steam

KALININGRAD, RUSSIA – 11/7/2017 — AIGRIND released its award winning pixel MMORPG Warspear Online on Steam providing best gaming experience and welcome gifts for current and new players. The game is distributed as a free-to-play model. 

Primarily developed as a mobile game in 2008, Warspear Online is also available on desktop platforms, and up to 15% of playerbase play it on Windows, OS X and Linux. The main goal of this release is to provide existing players with the best gaming experience along with all Steam benefits, and expand audience by attracting desktop gamers who are lacking nostalgic MMORPGs now. It meets principles that AIGRIND has been standing for from the very beginning: making its games hardcore and elaborate on one hand, and easy to play anytime and anywhere on another. 

Steam version of the game features:

– Adjustable screen size

– Automatic updates

– Nostalgic music

– Exclusive decorative costume for each entering player

– Steam achievements

– Steam trading cards, backgrounds, badges, emoticons

– Free DLC with welcome gift

– Windows, OS X and Linux support with automatic cloud data synchronization


Another significant benefit for players is that they can easily switch between desktop and mobile devices on Android, iOS or Windows Phone using the same login data and continue playing anywhere they have Internet access.

About Warspear Online

Warspear Online is the only fantasy 2D MMORPG for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Warspear Online has more than 10 million accounts throughout the world and it was announced the best MMO for iOS in 2015 by Best App Ever Awards and Best game by Golden App in 2016.

The game features 16 character classes, dozens of combat skills, open world, free PvP, dungeons, raid bosses, hundreds of quests, craft system, guilds and works perfectly even on low-end devices.

Media Contact
Company Name: AIGRIND
Contact Person: Stanislav Ignatov
Country: Russian Federation
Website: https://warspear-online.com