Measuring Your Gutters for GutterBrush Guard is Simple

When it comes to Fall home maintenance, a gutter guard can make all the difference in how often you climb that ladder to remove leaves, clogs, and other debris. There are many different gutter guards on the market today, but none are so simple to install and easy to maintain as GutterBrush. The two easiest methods of measuring gutters are explained below.

First Step

Before measuring your gutters, you will want to perform some basic gutter cleaning by removing all debris that may interfere with the measuring process. If your gutters are particularly full or all of the leaves from your trees have already fallen, you can take this time to completely clear your gutters in preparation for installing your GutterBrushes later. Remember to practice ladder safety and clean your clogged gutters when another person is present in case of an accident.

Measuring Width

To measure width, simply take a tape measure and measure your gutter across the top from the back where it meets the home to the outer edge. If your gutter is half round or a wedge shape (fascia gutter), measure the distance across the widest part at the top. Most standard residential gutters will be 5 inches across, which will require the standard 4.25-inch GutterBrush size to fit properly. For more sizing information, click here.

Measuring Length With Measuring Tape

For measuring the length of your gutters, you can run a tape measure down the length of your gutters while standing on a ladder at one end. If your tape isn’t long enough to reach from one end to the other, you can use a pencil to mark on the gutter where the tape measurer extended to, and then continue your measurements. Add the lengths together to determine how many feet of GutterBrush you will need for your home.

Measuring Length with String

If you want to move your ladder as few times as possible, you can use the string method to measure your gutters. Take one end of the string and secure it with masking tape to one end of your gutter. Move your ladder to the other end and unravel the string with you. Climb the ladder and either cut or mark on the string where the gutter ends. Remove the string from the gutter and measure on the ground using a measuring tape. You can use this method around the rest of the roof to determine how many feet of GutterBrush you will need to order.

Keep in mind, GutterBrush can bend to fit around corners, so there is no need for cutting or other alterations when placing them in your gutters. GutterBrush is installed throughout your gutter channel and over your downspouts to prevent debris from clogging.  GutterBrush is simple to install for anyone capable of accessing and cleaning their gutters.  If your gutters are too high for you to access safely you should be able to get assistance from just about any handyman, gutter cleanser or other home service provider.


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