Reasons Why Installing GutterBrush is Worth It

Gutter cleaning can pose a lot of problems for people. Some physically aren’t able to climb the ladder and perform the task, while others may live in an area where gutter maintenance is a necessity multiple times per season. Depending on the size of the house, this can add up to several hours’ worth of work every few weeks. To reduce the amount of work that gutter maintenance requires, some homeowners have invested in gutter covers, screens, or other types of leaf guards. While all gutter guards still involve  maintenance to remove small debris, some are much more difficult to clean and maintain than others. GutterBrush is a simple product that doesn’t require professional installation, doesn’t alter the structure of your roof or gutter, and is simple to remove for easy cleaning. GutterBrush offers several benefits over the competition, including:


GutterBrush is a simple device and doesn’t require any extra tools or fasteners to install. Therefore, it is a much more cost effective alternative to many of the more expensive systems on the market. Some gutter covers and screens can cost thousands of dollars for homeowners to install in their gutters, not to mention installation fees as well. GutterBrush costs the average homeowner less than $400 for a complete package that the homeowner can easily install themselves.  


Some homeowners have installed gutter protectors only to find saplings sprouting in their gutters or a nest causing a draining issue. Most gutter covers and gutter screens are complicated to install and very difficult to remove for any cleaning or maintenance. Other systems may require a professional service call for cleaning. GutterBrush is simply removed, shaken out, and replaced all within minutes for a yearly maintenance check.

Critter Deterrent

Not only does GutterBrush catch small seeds and needles in the bristles before they have a chance to clog a gutter, but it also will prevent birds, insects, and rodents from nesting in gutters. The bristles fill up the whole gutter, so there’s no extra room for animals to maneuver. It also acts as a shield, as most critters shy away from the coarse bristles.

Prevention of Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused by snow melt run-off that re-freezes in a gutter. Ice dams add weight to the gutter, which can loosen gutters and affect their structural integrity. At freezing temperatures, water will solidify on your roof and in your gutters unless you have special heating coils placed in your roof. However, when the sun comes out, the dark bristles of GutterBrush have been observed to warm up resulting in quicker melting and fewer issues with ice dams and icicles.

Fits All Gutters

GutterBrush comes in 5 diameters to fit the smallest of residential gutters and the largest of commercial gutters. Since the product does not interfere with existing gutters or roofing materials it can be used with just about any roof and gutter combination. ie: Metal, Slate, Cedar, Asphalt, Tile Roofs and Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized, PVC, etc. Gutters.

With all of the benefits of GutterBrush, it is clearly worth the small purchase price. Even homes with only a few problem areas can install GutterBrush in those locations to reduce their overall maintenance. GutterBrush fits any budget and need.

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