Gutter Maintenance Tips for the Fall Before Installing GutterBrush

Anyone who has ever cleaned a gutter may be wondering why we even have these torture devices stuck on our houses. Truthfully, the functional position they hold as a necessary home feature serves to prevent pricey home repairs. Gutters redirect water away from the roof and home’s foundation. If rainwater and snow runoff were allowed to fall to the ground near your home, the foundation would quickly become compromised. Pooling water on the roof can also lead to leaks and siding deterioration. Even though we hate doing it, gutter maintenance is essential for a well-functioning home. Luckily, GutterBrush can help reduce the nuisance of this chore by protecting your gutters from debris and clogs. Before installing GutterBrush, you will want to do a deep clean on those gutters.

The first step in proper gutter maintenance is to remove all large debris from the gutters. If leaves and other waste is dry, you can use a leaf blower as a quick way to clear it out. If the debris is damp, you will have to use the old-fashioned way—pulling it out with your hands or a trowel. After all of the large debris is removed, use a cleaning brush to loosen any stuck pieces and/or dirt. Then you can use a power washer or a hose on a high setting to rinse the gutters clean of all remaining debris. Use this opportunity to check your gutters for any leaks at seams or near downspouts. If water is pooling anywhere, especially if it’s at the bottom of the downspouts, you may need to readjust the gutters or invest in a diverting tray to keep this water away from your home’s foundation.

Once your gutters are completely clean and functioning as they should, it’s time to install GutterBrush to protect your gutters from sludge and debris pile up. If you’re skeptical over the claims that various gutter guards make with regards to protection and overall maintenance reduction, the GutterBrush website offers trial packs so you can see for yourself how well the product works—no matter what type of gutter you have! Learn more here of all the benefits GutterBrush provides to homeowners and how it will make difficult gutter cleaning a thing of the past.

After installing GutterBrush, your gutters will be protected from leaves, critter nests, and other blockage issues throughout all seasons. Once a year you may need to check on GutterBrush for any small debris that is caught between the bristles. Simply remove a section from the gutter, shake it out, and place it back in the gutter. Don’t waste another season on extreme gutter maintenance, and install GutterBrush today.

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