GutterBrush Fits All Types of Gutters

With Fall in full swing, many homes and businesses are in gutter maintenance mode. As the leaves and debris pile up, so do the safety and structural concerns of building owners. Improper gutter maintenance in the Fall often lead to costly repairs in the Spring, including leaky roofs and foundational repair. Some may have heard about gutter guards and are wondering if they are the right solution for them when it comes to efficient gutter maintenance. While there are a variety of products on the market claiming to reduce gutter maintenance, some are difficult to remove when it comes time to actually clean the gutters, and some still don’t prevent clogs from debris build-up or animal nesting. GutterBrush, however, steps up where other gutter guards fall short. The best part is, no matter what type or size gutter a building has, GutterBrush is sure to fit.

Size and Shape

Most modern gutters are constructed in the K-style, which look like crown molding from the front. They have a wider top and a narrower bottom. For residential buildings, these gutters are most often found in the 5 and 6-inch varieties. Some older and historic homes may have half-round copper gutters. These types of gutters don’t hold as much water as the K-style, so many will be 6 inches wide to accommodate for the rain volume. Some commercial buildings will have square gutters, which have a flat bottom and are shaped like a square. These can range in size from 6 inches to 8 inches depending on the size of the roof and the expected rain fall of the climate.

When deciding on which size of GutterBrush you will need for your gutters, all you need to do is measure the width of the gutter from back to front at the top. For K-style gutters, you will want to size down to ensure the GutterBrush fits snugly into the base of the gutter. For example, 5-inch K-style gutters will need the 4.25-inch standard brush. Click on the following link for more suggestions on how to measure your gutters.


Since there are no alterations needed to install GutterBrush, you can use this product with any type of gutter. Whether steel, aluminum, copper, or vinyl, GutterBrush is sure to protect the gutter without affecting the structural integrity or visual appeal of the gutters themselves. GutterBrush is also light enough to lay in any gutter without weighing it down, but also won’t blow away in the wind. For most gutters, GutterBrush isn’t visible from ground level..

GutterBrush is a useful solution to homes and buildings suffering from debris build-up in the gutters. GutterBrush comes in 5 sizes to accommodate just about any gutter style or size.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to install this simple gutter guard solution.  Check out GutterBrush for your clogged gutter challenges today.


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