Fiscally Inc. Starts Campaign On Indiegogo To Fund Production of Zwim, A Monitoring Device For Swimmers

Fiscally Inc. launches funding campaign on Indiegogo for Zwim, a device that enables users to monitor real-time data while swimming.

Fiscally Inc., the Palo Alto-based company, has announced the launch of campaign on Indiegogo to fund project Zwim. It is a smart goggle for swimming that integrates a near-eye display and allows monitoring of real-time data.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our campaign on Indiegogo to start the commercial production of Zwim, the device that can capture real time data for swimmers on the go,” says the spokesperson for Fiscally. “The breakthrough heads up display is an innovative way of monitoring workout data in real time. It can provide vital data on several key parameters while you keep swimming.”

Zwim is a wonderful way of checking real time activity data while swimming. The integrated heads up display is one-of-its-kind and can be used for monitoring heart rate, time, lap counts, calories burnt and more while swimming. The device has been designed for high convenience as the readings are displayed right in front of the eyes of the user and in real time. Zwim is recommended for professional swimmers or weekend swimming enthusiasts. It can help achieve training goals effectively.

With Zwim, swimmers can effortlessly keep track of time elapsed in a session. The device is programed to display time by a fraction of a second during swimming. It can also capture heart rate an advanced optical sensor. Monitoring real time heart rate data becomes easy with Zwim. It can also detect laps in terms of flip turns and open turns and provide lap-based data, lap count and lap average which can be vital information for professional swimmers. Above all, Zwim accurately calculates calories burned during a swimming session by taking into account the heart rate data collected during a session.

According to the developers, Zwim is designed to integrate with the world’s smallest and most advanced near-eye display. They have already partnered with the largest optics company of the world that has proven technology of wearable display. The display module of the device is one of the best as it offers high resolution and full color visual output with high clarity even when the environment is bright.

With Zwim, swimmers can get all the data they need in one place on a convenient screen with the ability to configure the number of sections anywhere from one to four per screen. Users can choose a data type for each section. Multiple screens can be set up with different configurations to allow users to switch between screens during workout time conveniently by just pressing a button.

The fundraiser campaign started by Fiscally Inc. has a flexible goal of $20,000. They have one more month left to achieve their goal.

About Zwim:

Zwim is a heads up display that employs cutting-edge technology to allow swimmers monitor workout data on various parameters in real time. Developed by Fiscally Inc. the device is designed to display heart-rate, time, lap counts, calories, and other readings to swimmers on the go. The package along with the Zwim device also contains Zwim Goggles, goggle strap, USB cable and special Zwim cap.

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