3 Compelling Reasons for Families to Keep a Survival Seed Bank

“Survival seed bank with 105 varieties of heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs”
A survival seed bank is the best option for preppers who want to ensure a continuous and nutritious food supply for their families.

Carson City, NV – November 8, 2017 – With all these natural and man-made disasters devastating the world today, everyone should already be prepping themselves for the next big catastrophe. But still, there are plenty of American families that have not yet invested in their future survival. Households that want to ensure that survival of their entire family should really start prepping now while there’s still time.

To be equipped for the coming disasters, a prepper family must always have the right supplies. These include the basics such as a first aid kit, water supply, water filter, weapons, tools, clothing, shelter and of course, food supply. Food, after all, is one of the most essential human needs—but it’s not always easy to procure in times of crisis.

“You can pack all the non-perishable foods you want, but it won’t be long until you eventually run out of them. Learning how to fish and hunt for game will help, but wild animals won’t always be around for your convenience. When you’re living off the grid with few resources available, it’s important to have a dependable food source so that your family won’t go hungry,” says a survival expert from Home and Garden America.

The expert suggests keeping a survival seed bank to guarantee the whole family’s food supply. He gave three compelling reasons why prepper families should always have survival seeds in their survival supplies.

Reason #1: Continuous Food Supply

One of the most immediate concerns in a survival or disaster situation is the availability of food. Many people depend too much on MREs (meals ready-to-eat), but they are not really suitable for the long run. Those who keep a survival seed bank will fare much better. These smart preppers can use the seeds to grow fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in their survival garden, thereby giving them access to a continuous food supply long after others have run out of MREs.

Reason #2: Grow Food Whenever, Wherever

Growing survival food is possible as long as preppers have some good seeds and a small area to plant them. As soon as a prepper family has settled into their survival shelter off the grid, they can begin planting quick-to-grow crops to sustain themselves. It also helps preppers to know which specific plants can be grown in the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons so they can produce food all year long.

Reason #3: Thrive on Fresh, Nutritious Foods

Just because there’s a crisis doesn’t mean preppers can no longer eat healthy foods. One of the best benefits of survival seeds is their ability to produce fresh, nutritious foods produce even when times are tough. Preppers who carry a survival seed bank can thrive on healthy foods and not have to worry about their nutrition despite being in a survival situation.

“A survival seed bank truly is a far more reliable food source than other options. It can regularly feed your family with nutritious fruits and vegetables, as well as provide herbs that are useful for remedies and medical purposes. It is definitely a must when it comes to survival supplies,” the survival expert further remarked.

The Home and Garden America website has information on the importance of a survival seed bank for preppers.

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