The World of SANSI LED, New Trend for Subway Lighting

In recent years there has witnessed a sustained growth and popularization of subway transportation. Energy consumption has become a constant concern and caught high attention by authorities. In addition, products lighting performance, the ability of saving energy and reducing consumption are always key factors deciding whether or not to select the subway lighting products.


Given the diversity of subway lighting applications, LED lights undoubtedly are the ideal choice for LED subway lighting with incomparable advantages in energy consumption, stability and lifespan. In the meanwhile, LED lights has excellent anti-shock ability, perfectly suitable for subway lighting environment. By use of complanate luminous surface design, it provides uniform evenly distributed light, thus lighting comfortability, uniformity and efficacy are much secured, making it the ideal choice for station halls, waiting zones, compartments and office areas.


For the current problems in subway lighting, SANSI has provided a brand-new subway lighting solution with efficiency and high reliability. Take SANSI subway lighting case, the Shenzhen metro line 2 as an example. It was fully outfitted with Sansi LED lighting products. A total of 25500 pieces of LED lights were installed for the 33-kilometer-long subway line. The whole lighting system adopts intelligent dimming management which brightness can be adjusted based on different needs and varied time periods, so as to achieve good energy
reservation effect and long lifespan.

With having rich experience in the subway lighting projects, all of which have been performing smoothly and in durable condition, thus receiving highly positive feedback from the experts and clients.

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