Toyota Mazda Introduces the New Mazda 6 2018

Sneak Peek of New Spacious Design Now Available

The new Mazda 6 2018 models are expected to debut around the end of the year.  A preview is available now though.  The new models are being heralded for safety and spaciousness.

“We are excited to reveal the new Mazda 6 2018 to the public,” stated a Toyota Mazda representative.  “The new model is very sleek, in keeping with the recent model.   There are many variations such as the diesel and the wagon.  The Mazda 6 2018 is very economical, safer than ever and is much more spacious this time around.  One of the best features about the new models is the price tag is very fair.”

The new Mazda 6 2018 models don’t look all that much different on the exterior but they are more spacious and sportier as well.  More space in the back and inner space are some of the changes, much anticipated by those who like the popular SUV shape.  The seats are quite accommodating.

The interior is impressive with a transparent dashboard and accessible, simple functions.  Each of the models are equipped with a 7-inch tach screen display and the steering wheel is positioned with precision. 

In addition, LED light technology is featured on both sides.  Headlights come with standard LED lighting.  The new model comes complete with great technical support, a big plus. 

While the exterior colors will remain the same, there will be six interior colors to choose from: Leather/Espresso, Parchment Leather Black Cloth, Sand Cloth, Black Leatherette and Sand Leatherette.

The V-6 engine on the new Mazda 6 2018 comes without many changes at all from the previous year.  It sports a 184 horsepower engine which many are saying is the perfect engine size for economy and just enough power.

The Grand Touring models are made with i-ELOOP which is popular with those who like to conserve and recycle energy.  The concept circles around brake regeneration of energy which keeps the energy deceleration energy for use at a later time of such things as the radio, air conditioning, headlights and the likes.

Those who have viewed the new Mazda 6 2018 models are giving very positive reviews for the most part.  While not a lot has changed from last year’s models, what has changed is for the better, most are stating.

To find out more about the new Mazda 6 2018, visit the Toyota Mazda company website here.

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