New online platform for free expression of distressing thoughts arrives on Kickstarter is an upcoming web and app based platform which is designed to allow people suffering from mental distress to freely express their emotions and feelings anonymously.

Lehigh Acres, FL – November 8, 2017 – Florida-based entrepreneur and psychology student Farukh Abdullayev has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce his new healing initiative to the world. It’s a non-profit web and app based platform dedicated to people down with mental distress. The portal is designed to allow those suffering from anxiety, depression or stress to vent out their extreme emotions and feelings anonymously and also receive empathetic, positive and motivating responses.

The campaign is geared to raise $10,000 by December 29. would be live by the final quarter of this year. All the funds gathered from the Kickstarter campaign would be utilized for the marketing initiatives of the company. 

“When someone is under severe mental depression, the best remedy is to vent out the negative thoughts. But not all are that fortunate to be surrounded by understanding friends and family members. Moreover, some things are just too personal to share with anybody. Such unfavorable circumstances force many to keep the depressing thoughts to themselves and that is something very dangerous. Wouldn’t it be amazing to just vent it all out? You bet it is. Such thoughts inspired me to come up with which is committed to help you in venting out all your negative and  depressing feelings aloud and in writing – and that too anonymously”, stated Farukh Abdullayev while talking about his new initiative.

The motivation behind rose from the founder’s own battles with stress and anxiety. As he enrolled for his Masters in psychology, he got a better picture of how things work with those suffering from mental depression and what could be the best remedy for them. He realized that the traditional approach to cure these psychological issues with pill doesn’t work in all cases as medications cannot eliminate the problem from the roots.  

“To resolve  mental distress, we have to get to the core of the problem and pills cannot reach there. The ultimate solution here is to put your extreme thoughts into writing. We think faster than we write and when we are tensed, we can’t think in a structured way. It messes up the entire situation. But when we put down our thoughts into writing, we get a coherent structured view of our main problem. It consequently helps us to get to the core of the issue and eradicate it from the roots. This is where comes to your help.”

Speaking further, Farukh mentioned that although there are similar platforms like yet most of them are flawed and marred with insensible members. 

“A platform like is the need of the hour to save people suffering from mental distress. We are currently in the development stage and are now looking forward to raise awareness about our promising platform through this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would help us to make the world a better place to live in  for those down with stress and depression.”

A cool bunch of rewards are waiting for the backers. These include supporters wristband, cup, t-shirt etc. Higher pledges reaching $250 or more would be rewarded with the exclusive honor of being the top contributor on profile, power to assess status of moderator and many such special rewards. 

To show your support for the campaign, please visit

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Company Name: Stellar Industries Group LLC
Contact Person: Farukh Abdullayev
Phone: 727 777 4224
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