EA Home Design: Northern Virginia’s Very Own Home Design Guru

How Their Unique Approach To Home Additions Has Made Them A Household Name In Northern Virginia

Hear Ye! Hear Ye Virginia Home designing is safe in the hands of EA Home Design. Everyone is familiar with the saying “A house is not a home”. At EA Home Design special attention is paid to transforming regular dwelling places into lovely homes filled with appeal both inside and outside. EA Home Design has been around for over 20 years offering expertise in the realm of home design, spanning both renovations as well as remodeling. Giving advice on home improvements, additions and redevelopment have been a major part of the services rendered by EA Home Design.

Home Additions

For many homeowners remodeling, renovations and housing additions are quite stressful. They require a huge amount of time for planning, conceptualizing and actually implementing. This often acts as a deterrent and all the dreams of owning a larger and much more beautiful home is swept under the mat for fear of starting something way too grand. EA Home Design has the skill set to ensure that this process is no longer a hassle for these homeowners. Adding rooms to houses appears to be a specialty of theirs, as they have helped many to achieve this. Regardless, of the need, whether you desire a new kitchen, a new bathroom or bedroom the expert services offered by EA Home Design might prove to be the best solution to your home needs.

Home additions are in no way an easy task if you attempt to do it on your own. Better yet the work will feel twice as hard to a non-professional in the field. Given the nature of the job, if one does not have a comprehensive understanding of what it entails it might become a dangerous activity. In the hands of Professionals however the desired results are guaranteed.

Their Unique Approach

EA Home Design has taken a different approach to home additions and home design overall. The fame that they have acclaimed in Virginia is a true testament to the success they have garnered from the implementation of this approach. EA Home Design has implemented a model of assessment that involves what you can afford, the space availability and your inner desires for your home. The synergy between these factors allows them to produce amazing results.

Each homeowner is different; as a result, a “one cap fits all” approach will not work. The ideal situation involves a discussion between the homeowner and the contractor to identify what he/she would like to achieve. EA Home Design seems to have mastered this concept and offers their customers services that ooze experience and passion for the industry. 

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