The Ultimate Scratch Off World Map: A Beautifully Designed Scratch Off World Map Produced By A Leading Company In The Design and Production Of Poster Maps For Travelers

United States – November 8, 2017 – Shiny Journey, a company specialized in providing a colorful and enticing graphical world maps is pleased to announce the release of their latest world map design named The Ultimate Scratch Off World Map. The map which is beautifully designed is to help travelers to plan their journey, highlight the visited places and other places yet to be visited. The high-resolution printing with classy colors also makes the map a stylish addition to beautifying houses and makes an apartment look more appealing. The Amazing Scratch Off World Map Ultimate Pack has since been available for purchase on Amazon.

This personal wall travel tracker is designed in such a way that it can be easily handled and put into use without any stress. The map allows the user to scratch off the places visited from amongst 252 countries and regions in the world. It is printed with glossy texture on hard paper that makes scratching a breeze and also allows users to write on the scratch off map. The package which is available on Amazon comes with four premium bonuses and entry to VIP zone with useful travel e-books. A scratch-off map tool set includes a scratch tool, an erasable golden pen, a cloth for erasing the pen and three sets of stickers with twenty themes.

“The Ultimate Scratch Off World Map is absolutely amazing and perfect for anyone who has the travel bug or a wanderlust spirit. I personally love it and I am so excited to scratch off more countries when my family travels,” said a satisfied client in her review after using the poster map. In addition, the poster maps are not only meant for people that love traveling. It could as well be handy for anyone because of its quality that brightens up a living room or any area in the house. The map can as well be presented as a gift for wanderlust people and the family that intends to embark on a world tour.

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Shiny Journey, a company that specializes in providing accessories to people who travel around the world, those who wish to travel and those that simply wish to have their home decorated with an original and eye-catching poster map. The company has been in existence for two years and their products and services are very helpful to travelers. The positive feedback received from their clients over time has proved that the services rendered by the company are invaluable and amazing.

“Our product is something that will become a precious part of your exciting life adventure. We can assure you that it will make the heads of all your guests turn,” said the company’s spokesperson, Vlado Kivader while discussing the company’s product and services.

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