When Disaster Strikes There’s Only One Call to Make

O.P. Almaraz of Allied Restoration
Allied Restoration is the Ritz Carlton of disaster restoration and construction, helping families and businesses get back on their feet quickly and beautifully.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Diamond Bar, California – Californians have seen their share of crisis and calamity. From wildfires to earthquakes to mudslides, the people of California have had to deal with the type of devastation that only comes with Mother Nature’s ferocity.  Regardless of how good a business or individual’s insurance policy is, no one wants to watch their dreams turn into a pile of rubble. That is why Allied Restoration puts customer service before all other aspects of their business, something they learned from the legendary Ritz Carlton.

“There is something just soul breaking about seeing your home or business in ruins,” says owner O.P. Almaraz of Allied Restoration. “We train all of our restoration specialists and part of that training is how to interact with home and business owners. When a disaster strikes, their life is turned upside down and any sense of certainty is lost. They need to feel that their property is in good hands, that it will be restored and look better than ever. We’re not just in the business of rebuilding homes and businesses; we’re restoring hope and confidence.”

Allied Restoration is a first responder to water and fire damage disasters. The sought-after company has decades of depth and experience in providing restoration and construction services to residential and commercial property owners after smoke, fire, water and mold damage. Almaraz explains that their experience working with celebrity clients in Los Angeles and Orange County has enabled them to not only advance their technical restoration skills but also to think creatively.

“We work with celebrities quite a bit,” says Almaraz. “That has forced us to think creatively in how we control the construction site. A lot of these people have their homes photographed by tourists and they want to maintain a particular image, so we have to think about how to perform work without looking like the home is having work performed on it. It’s tricky but we’re lucky to have gained this experience so that we can utilize it going forward.”

It is important, according to Almaraz, to be as unobtrusive as possible. Working with celebrity clients like Melissa Gilbert or Nancy O’Dell has helped them to rethink procedures and develop high standards for job site employees. NDA’s are signed, and photographs are taken only as required and approved beforehand. He said this develops the type of trust between Allied and their clients that makes working at a job site more quick and efficient.

“I developed a lot of my procedures working with Ritz Carlton and as the past president of the Cleaning Restoration Association,” explains Almaraz. “I understand that our clients don’t just want their property restored, they also want a company they can trust, is efficient and respects their privacy.”

Being a respected company like Allied Restoration means not only providing top shelf, professional service but also the right information to clients so that they can make the best possible decision with their homes or property. For example, with experts saying that California is due for a large quake, Allied Restoration cautions all their clients and others who have high-end or investment properties that they want to protect to start thinking now about what their disaster mitigation and restoration plans might be.  Having a plan and a disaster response team assigned to your properties, in the event of an emergency, is vital to getting things back to normal.

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