Bike2Work Project Push Combine The Healthy With E-bike

Millions of people in UK are severely lack of physical activity, how many of you are among them,Bike2Work project plan to improve this situation.

According to a recent survey conducted by the British Heart Foundation, an estimated 8. 3 million men and 11. 8 million women across the UK are diagnosed as severely lack of physical activity, and most of them are suffering obesity.

Considering the yearly spending of £1. 2 billion on healthcare services, caused by physical inactivity, Sport England has commented that it believes that continual sport participation can save between £1, 750 – £6, 900 per person in healthcare costs per year. Sports retail site GolfSupport. com analysed information from the London Datastore, revealed the percentage of the population in London’s 33 boroughs that do not play or participate in any sports.

The research showed Barking and Dagenham were the worst London boroughs for inactivity, as 67% of the residents do not participate in any sports whatsoever. Barking and Dagenham was closely followed by the City of London, where 61. 9% of the total population do not take part in any sports. The third worst borough was Enfield, where 60%  of residents do not undertake any physical sporting activities.

And this is just the statistics of London city alone, what if you survey this issue nation wide, and then worldwide, you’d be astonished by the results, further more, ask yourself how many of you are among them ? 

However, you can hardly blame people who were suffering such problem. With the yearly increasing lifestyle pace as well as commercial development. There are less and less playgrounds or open parks for people to have a nice slow jogging, even fewer people have the time and determination to hit the gym in a regular basis.

To improve such situation, many official as well as private organizations are encouraging people to go outdoors more often.

Giants in bike business play a big part in this, enterprises like Giant, Trek, Brompton, Bosch and Relaign etc. are all encouraging people to participate more in sports activities from their daily life. Many of them have joined or initiated the Bike2work  scheme. Recently a rising new enterprise in e bike field has joined the force, the Onebot Bike. They recently released a brand new whole Magnesium unibody pedal assisted ebike, the S6 e bike.

Firstly adapting all Magnesium material as the bike frame, allows this bike a lighter yet stronger feature than aluminum ones. To support the Bike2work program, the Onebot  company is offering a $50 discount for the first purchase of every S6 e bike.

Hunter, the Chairman of ONEBOT said, ONEBOT will focus on green and smart travel as a lifetime career, company will launch more e-bikes for the global market and participate in more sports and healthy activities in future, make the effort to be the top3 e-bike company in China. Let’s look forward the performance of ONEBOT.

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