Become MedSpa Simplifies the Science of Better Skin

Sonia Soni, owner of Become MedSpa
Become MedSpa of Woodbury, NY is a state of the art medical aesthetic spa that uses the latest technology to help clients improve the health of their appearance and Become the best version of themselves.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Woodbury, NY – Today’s beauty trends lean towards utilizing advanced medical technology and products to deliver maximum impact to the skin, hair and body. Aesthetic medicine has become one of the hottest beauty markets today thanks to celebrity advocates and advances in non-surgical options. Poised to grow to a thirteen billion dollar industry within the next five years, aesthetic medicine’s growth is easily associated with its ability to produce results. Sonia Soni, owner of the prestigious Become MedSpa and respected voice in the beauty industry believes that it is the dramatic effects that spa treatments produce in her clients that keep people coming back time and time again.

“All of us want to look our best, and if we can receive treatment that produces a positive result in those problem areas then—of course—we’re going to keep doing that. The type of immediate change that people see in their skin and bodies with our treatments is why people return to Become MedSpa,” says Sonia. “Our products and services are all based upon an advanced understanding of the skin and use the top products and technologies in aesthetic medicine today.”

Sonia explains that her clients are generally people who have a problem area that they feel insecure with and want a solution so they can become the best version of themselves. According to Sonia, this is something that she personally has an understanding of. For years she sought out medical treatment for her acne issues without, she says, the type of options available to people today. It was her own transformative experience with skincare solutions that led her to open Become Medspa.

“Empathy was my driving force behind Become,” Sonia explains. “It’s also what pushes us to be the best at what we do. It’s unbelievable how our insecurities about our appearance can have so much influence in our lives. When we help people look better, we’re also helping them to feel better. That’s priceless.”

Become Medspa uses advanced technology to deliver results that are permanent and in most cases, immediate. Technicians employ a variety of techniques, from peels to facials in order to target those areas that people complain about most often: acne, discoloration, wrinkles, and scarring. The spa also offers hair removal, vein removal, and advanced body sculpting solutions making it a total body makeover spa. As Sonia is happy to point out, Become Medspa incorporates the most effective and popular technologies into their regime. Many of the services they provide are not found anywhere else in their region, such as Sciton Laser Therapy, Cryotherapy, and PRP. The spa promotes a three-tiered beauty model: Prevent, Correct, and Maintain to deliver results with an impact.

“We want to help our clients feel transformed so they can go out there and take on the world,” she says. “Our spa advocates products that help to prevent issues with the skin, correct current issues, and also products that will maintain the treatments and quality of the skin post-visit. We’re constantly improving upon our brand. If it is a new product that has the type of results we are looking for then we’re going to fit it into our product line and service solutions.”

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