Hip Hop Grammy® and Stellar Award Nominated Recording Artist IZ-REAL of Billboard Chart-Topping Duo Everyday Process Goes Solo; Redefines Balling Out With First National Single Ball Out

CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA – 9 Nov, 2017 – Hip-hop recording artist Alvin “IZ-Real” Motley, affectionately known as Iz of the chart-topping hip-hop duo Everyday Process goes solo and redefines balling out with his first single ‘Ball Out’ from his upcoming studio project ‘No Hard Feelings’. 

Distributed by Universal, according to IZ ‘Ball Out’ is “A play on what culture considers as ‘making it’… referencing one’s desire to live it up… so I ball out for the kingdom of heaven.”

Hailing from Chester, Pennsylvania, IZ has always been an unashamed, unapologetic rap artist determined to deliver the message by any means necessary.

Bold and scripture-based in his delivery, he speaks about circumstances, experiences, and life in general, and as with Everyday Process, he still considers himself an ambassador and representative of God to people (2 Corinthians 5:20) everywhere. His goal is to deliver a non-preachy, holier than thou message of faith and hope to believers and non-believers through the most popular music genre hip-hop that will paint an accurate picture of God.

A particular verse from “Ball Out” says it all:

I see em’ talking from they page questioning my faith throwing shade like palm trees/but I’m standing in his grace no time to hold debates relaxing like it’s Palm Beach/Though many enemies will rise against me God sustains me that’s the book of Psalms 3/ I’m winning I got tunnel vision seen my futures end and I ain’t let em’ palm read.

With much work to do in educating, inspiring and delighting the world about the most high, Iz-Real is ready to continue fulfilling his purpose through hip-hop and says it’s what he was born to do.  He adds, “It’s an everyday process.”

Ball out is available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ballout-single/1296116927

To learn more about Iz-Real, please visit http://www.izrealworldwide.com/

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